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Skewed : a critical thinker's guide to media bias
Skewed : a critical thinker's guide to media bias
Atkins, Larry, 1961- author.
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Amherst, New York : Prometheus Books, 2016.
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360 pages ; 24 cm
"A probing critique of advocacy journalism, particularly its polarizing effect on society and politics, with reader guidelines for objectively evaluating news sources"--
Going inside the echo chamber -- What's the goal and purpose of advocacy journalism? -- The early history of advocacy journalism : the late 1700s and the 1800s -- The rise of corporate, objective journalism, and the inverted pyramid -- The op-ed page, editorial page, columnists, editorial cartoons, yellow journalism, muckraking journalism, and investigative reporting -- The start of the big change : the rise of talk radio in the late 1980s -- The rise of fake entertainment news and celebrity journalism -- The rise of sponsored content -- The rise of Fox News -- The response of MSNBC -- The rise of blogging, biased websites, YouTube, social media, and citizen journalism and their relevance today -- Is the mainstream media liberally biased? Does the media try to be objective and balanced? -- What's news? What are the factors used by the media in deciding what to report? How is bias displayed in the selection process? -- The process of reporting and how it can affect bias -- The polarizing effect of advocacy journalism on politics and society -- The popularity of advocacy journalism and its influence -- What's good about advocacy journalism? -- What's bad about advocacy journalism? -- The future of advocacy journalism and balanced journalism -- The importance of being a savvy media consumer.
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