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Avant-garde museology
Avant-garde museology
Zhilyaev, Arseniy, 1984- editor.
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New York, NY : E-flux ; Moscow, Russia : Published in collaboration with V-A-C Foundation, [2015]

Minneapolis, Minnesota : Distributed by the University of Minnesota Press.

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628 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm.
The museum of contemporary art might very well be the most advanced recording device ever invented. It is a place for the storage of historical grievances and the memory of forgotten artistic experiements, social projects, or errant futures. But in late nineteenth and early twentieth-century Russia, this recording device was undertaken by artists and thinkers as a site for experiementation. This book presents essays documenting the wildly encompassing progressivism of this period by figures such as Nikolai Fedorov, Aleksandr Rodchenko, Kazimir Malevich, and others - many translated from the Russian for the first time.
Preface / Julieta Aranda, Brian Kuan Wood, Anton Vidokle -- Introduction. Avant-garde museology : toward a history of a pilot experiment / Arseny Zhilyaev -- I. Museum as common task. The museum, its meaning and mission (c. 1880s) / Nikolai Fedorov; The art of resemblances (of false artistic regeneration) and the art of reality (of real resurrection): Ptolemaic and Copernician art (c. 1890s) / Nikolai Fedorov; The Voronezh Museum in 1998 (1898) / Nikolai Fedorov; The Catherine the Great exhibition at the Voronezh Regional Museum (1896) / Nikolai Fedorov and Nikolai Peterson; On the Cathedral of the Resurrecting Museum (1921) / Vasiliy Chekrygin; The church ritual as a synthesis of the arts (1918) / Pavel Florensky; On the creation of a pantheon in the USSR: A proposal (1927) / Vladimir Bekhterev; Materials on the Institute of Biography (1920) / Nikolai Rybnikov; "The Revolution Memorial Reservation," an excerpt from the novel Chevengur (1926-28) / Andrey Platonov; The Astronomical Observatory at the Perm Regional Museum (1935) / V.I. Karmilov.

II. The museum of avant-gardism. 'The Museum of Art," an excerpt from the novel Red Star (1908) / Aleksandr Bogdanov; On the museum (1919) / Kazimir Malevich; The museum newspaper: Suggestion for regional museums and community centers (1931) / V. Karpov; Avalanche exhibitions: The experience of the Leningrad Organization of Worker-artists (1933) / Leonid Chetyrkin; On the question of museums: Record of the discussion of problems and objectives of Fine Art Museums at the Art and Industry Board (1919) / Moscow Department of Museum Affairs; The museum and proletarian culture: Speech at the meeting of the first all-Russian Museum Commission (1919) / Osip Brik; On the results of the Museum Conference (1919) / Nikolai Punin; On the Museum Bureau (1920-21) / Aleksandr Rodchenko; The Museum of Painting Culture at Rozhdestvenka Street, 11 (1926) / from Museums and Places of Interest in Moscow -- III. The materialistic museum. Lenin's attitude toward museums (1931) / Nadezhda Krupskaya; Dialectical materialism and the construction of the museum (1931) / Ivan Luppol; Marxist exhibition methods for natural science museums (1931) / Boris Zavadovsky; The permanent exhibitions of fine art museums: Joint report (1931) / Aleksey Fedorov Davydov; An experiment in Marxist exhibition-making at the state Tretyakov Gallery (1931) / Natalya Kovalenskaya; Everyday life of the working class from 1900 to 1930 exhibition: History and Everyday Life Department of the State Russian Museum (1931) / Valentin Kholtsov; On a museum of industry and art (1931) / David Arkin; A museum exhibition or a theatrical performance? (1932) / N.A. Shneerson; On the question of the principles of exhibition: Central Park of Culture and Leisure Exhibitions (1932) / I.M. Zykov -- Plates.

IV. The museum outside of the museum. Museums in industrial enterprises (1931) / K.I. Vorobyov; The experience of developing mobile exhibitions (1931) / Yuri Samarin; Museum in the street (1931) / P.N. Khrapov; Bringing the agitprop-truck to the service of cultural construction (1932) / M.S. Ilkovsky; The mobile model of the instructive laboratory van and its operation (1935) / I.F. Sheremet -- V. Museum of the history of the revolution. Marxism-Leninism in exhibitions in the Museums of Revolution (1931) / Andrey Shestakov; Museums of the Revolution (1931) / Nikolai Druzhinin; A new exhibition at the Leningrad Museum of the Revolution (1931) / Vera Leykina; The museum as weapon of class struggle: Here and abroad (1934) / Roza Frumkina -- VI. The Atheist's Museum. An exhibition and panorama of the Moscow Crematorium (1931) / A.F. Levitsky; The question of exhibitions in antireligious museums (1931) / S.P. Lebedyansky; The museum of the frontlines of the war on religion (1932) / Yuriy Kogan; Antireligious work at the Kliment Timiryazev Biomuseum: Supplementary report (1931) / Vorontsovsky; Church of painting and its history as an object of antireligious propaganda (1932) / Ivan Skulenko -- Author's biographies -- Notes on the original publications.
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