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The Vietnam War : a chronology of war
Bluhm, Raymond K.
Physical Description:
288 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), color maps ; 34 cm
"A detailed, day-by-day history of the significant Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Air Force events from the Vietnam War, from the pre-war role of military advisors, to the 1975 fall of Saigon. Each entry is full of historical information and identifies the date, location, and military units involved, while introductory essays place these events within the context of the overall conflict. This encyclopedic account of the history of the Vietnam War comes to life with original photos and colorful art from the collections of all four services and military artists"--Publisher's description.
General Note:
"The Army Historical Foundation, Naval Historical Foundation, Marine Corps Association, The Air Force Historical Foundation."

"The content of this book is based on the text originally written for four separate service chronologies: 'U.S. Army: a complete history'; 'U.S. Navy: a complete history'; 'U.S.M.C.: a complete history'; and 'U.S. Air Force: a complete history'."--Page 4.
Cold War, Hot War. 1950, Setting the stage -- 1951, Holding the line -- 1952, A special war -- 1953, A French connection -- 1954, La guerre est termin?e -- 1955, A new player -- 1956, A tide of war -- 1957, First steps -- 1958, China plays too -- 1959, Crucial decisions -- 1960, Doubling the bet -- 1961, A new frontier -- 1962, A year of progress -- 1963, A year of pain -- 1964, The conflict gets serious -- A war transformed. 1965, Into the valley -- 1966, Westy's war -- 1967, Full engagement -- 1968, A year of decision -- A fight to the end. 1969, First steps out -- 1970, A wider war -- 1971, Punch and counterpunch -- 1972, A test of fire -- 1973, Coming home -- 1974, A short pause -- 1975, Overwhelmed -- 1976, A presence gone -- 1977, Case closed.
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