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Modern ethics in 77 arguments : a Stone reader
Catapano, Peter editor.
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New York, NY : Liveright Publishing Corporation, [2017]
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xi, 435 pages ; 25 cm
"Modern Ethics in 77 Arguments explores long-standing ethical and moral issues in light of our most urgent dilemmas. Divided into twelve sections, the book opens with a series of broad arguments on existence, human nature and morality. Indeed, "big" questions of the human condition are explored by some of our best-known and most accomplished living philosophers: What is the meaning of our existence? Should we really "do what we love"? How should we respond to evil? Is pure altruism possible?"--Jacket.
ON EXISTENCE -- The meaningfulness of lives / There is no theory of everything / The light at the end of suffering / Being there: Heidegger on why our presence matters / Against invulnerability / Why life is absurd / A life beyond "do what you love" / ON HUMAN NATURE -- Evolution and our inner conflict / Learning how to die in the Anthropocene / Is pure altruism possible? / Moral camouflage or moral monkeys? / How should we respond to "evil"? / The moral logic of survivor guilt / How to live without irony / Deluded individualism / ON MORALITY -- The dangers of happiness / Are we ready for a "morality pill"? / Why our children don't think there are moral facts / Morals without God? / The dangers of certainty: a lesson from Auschwitz / Confessions of an ex-moralist / The maze of moral relativism / Can moral disputes be resolved? / Moral dispute or cultural difference? / ON RELIGION -- Navigating past nihilism / Does it matter whether God exists? / Good minus God / Pascal's wager 2.0 / The sacred and the humane / Why God is a moral issue / The rigor of love / God is a question, not an answer / What's wrong with blasphemy? / ON GOVERNMENT -- Questions for free-market moralists / Is our patriotism moral? / The irrationality of natural life sentences / Spinoza's vision of freedom, and ours / If war can have ethics, Wall Street can, too / The moral hazard of drones / Reasons for reason / ON CITIZENSHIP -- The morality of migration / What do we owe each other? / Can refugees have human rights? / Dependents of the state / Is voting out of self-interest wrong?

ON VIOLENCE -- Philosophizing with guns / A crack in the stoic's armor / Who needs a gun? / The freedom of an armed society / Is American nonviolence possible? / ON RACE -- Walking while black in the "white gaze" / Race, truth and our two realities / Getting past the outrage on race / Philosophy's Western bias / Dear White America / Of cannibals, kings and culture: the problem of ethnocentricity / What, to the black American, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day? / Is real inclusiveness possible? / ON WOMEN -- When prostitution is nobody's business / On abortion and defining a "person" / Girlfriend, mother, professor? / The disappearing women / A feminist Kant / ON FAMILY -- Think before you breed / Is forced fatherhood fair? / "Mommy wars" redux: a false conflict / The end of "marriage" / My parents' mixed messages on the Holocaust / ON EATING -- The meat eaters / If peas can talk, should we eat them? / When vegans won't compromise / The enigma of animal suffering / ON THE FUTURE -- Is humanity getting better? / Should this be the last generation? / What do we owe the future? / The importance of the afterlife. Seriously. / Accepting the past, facing the future
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