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Quantum physics, mini black holes, and the multiverse : debunking common misconceptions in theoretical physics
Nomura, Yasunori, author.
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[Cham], Switzerland : Springer, 2018.

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xiv, 212 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 29 cm.
"This book explores, explains and debunks some common misconceptions about quantum physics, particle physics, space-time, and Multiverse cosmology. It seeks to separate science from pseudoscience."--book cover
Misconceptions in quantum physics / Bill Poirier -- The singular quantum. Why is quantum physics weird? ; What do the experts say? -- What hope is there for the rest of us? -- What material will be covered? -- How to use this book -- The bipolar quantum: wave-particle duality. Wave, particle, or "wavicle"? ; Quantum probability waves ; Heisenberg uncertainty principle -- Quantum soccer: the double-slit experiment. A reasonable doubt ; Single-slit experiment: classical ; Single-slit experiment: quantum ; Double-slit experiment: classical -- Double-slit experiment: quantum -- The plural quanta: expanding the wavefunction. Many-particle wavefunctions ; Wavefunction measurement ; Collapse and Schrödinger's cat -- The 'spooky" quantum: nonlocality. Entanglement and hidden variables ; Bell's theorem ; EPRB as a game of coin toss: classical version ; EPRB as a game of coin toss: quantum version -- Playing the "What If" game -- Where the weird things are. Where are they? Where are we? ; Interpretations of quantum physics ; Popular depictions of quantum physics -- Appendix I: Looking under the hood: the mathematical "method" behind the "madness" -- Misconceptions about particles and spacetime / John Terning -- Particles. What are particles? ; Atoms ; Seeing atoms -- Mini black holes. Black holes ; Black holes and extra dimensions -- Particle colliders and the universe. The Higgs boson ; Parallel universes -- Physics in the news. Cell hone radiation ; Cold fusion -- Epilogue. Spinach: a cautionary tale -- Moving forward -- Extra material: the equations behind the words. Units and coordinates ; Einstein's special theory of relativity ; Quantum mechanics and scattering ; Gravity ; Black holes ; Black holes in extra dimensions ; The large Hadron collider ; Complex numbers ; Group theory: rotations and spinors ; The Higgs ; Fusion.
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