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The Black Widow Clique
The Black Widow Clique
Woods, Genesis, author.
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Farmingdale, NY : Urban Books, [2018]

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378 pages ; 21 cm
Best friends and blood sisters for life Melonee and Fiona have one goal in life; to get rich and live comfortably. But growing up in the inner city of Los Angeles, CA wasn't helping in obtaining that goal. That is, until Fiona comes up with the plan to marry for money and murder for even more. The girls seek out older, established, and wealthy bachelors, drawing them into their web of deception with their good looks, sexy bodies, and loving personalities. Once their last names are changed and the ink is dry on the insurance policies, the clique executes their plans to have the new husband die an accidental death, leaving their fortune and or insurance money to the widowed wife. Their little marry-for-money scam works for years until things take a drastic turn. What happens when one friend's connection to the new mark has her questioning her role in The Black Widow Clique while the other friend wants to carry out the murderous plan to get hold of the multi-million dollar insurance policy? Friendships will be tested, lies will be told, and loyalty will come into play when one black widow decides that their cozy web of deception, love, and money isn't big enough for two anymore.

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