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Native peoples of the Northeast
Native peoples of the Northeast
Sonneborn, Liz.
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Minneapolis, MN : Lerner Publications, [2017]
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48 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm.
Long before the United States existed as a nation, the Northeast region was home to more than thirty independent American Indian groups. Each group had its own language, political system, and culture. Their ways of life depended on the climate, landscape, and natural resources of the areas where they lived. The Lenape carved tulip tree trunks into canoes that held as many as fifty people. The Huron used moose hair to stitch delicate patterns on clothing and on birch bark boxes. The Menominee combined cornmeal, dried deer meat, maple sugar, and wild rice to make a traveling snack called pemmican. n the twenty-first century, many American Indians still call the Northeast home. Discover what the varied nations of the Northeast have in common and what makes each of them unique. --Amazon.
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Grades 4-6.

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