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Prototyping and modelmaking for product design
Prototyping and modelmaking for product design
Hallgrimsson, Bjarki.
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192 pages : color illustrations ; 28 cm.
Building prototypes and models is an essential component of any design activity. Modern product development is a multi-disciplinary effort that relies on prototyping in order to explore new ideas and test them sufficiently before they become actual products. Prototyping and Modelmaking for Product Designers illustrates how prototypes are used to help designers understand problems better, explore more imaginative solutions, investigate human interaction more fully and test functionality so as to de-risk the design process. Following an introduction on the purpose of prototyping, specific materials, tools and techniques are examined in detail, with step-by-step tutorials and industry examples of real and successful products illustrating how prototypes are used to help solve design problems. Workflow is also discussed, using a mixture of hands on and digital tools. A comprehensive modern prototyping approach is crucial to making informed design decisions, and forms a strategic part of a successful designer's toolkit.
PROTOTYPING -- Characteristics of Prototyping -- Case Study Folding Hairdryer -- Case Study Candela Luau -- Case Study Motion Computing J3400 Tablet -- How Prototypes Are Used -- Case Study Chair_ONE and Myto -- Case Study ECOtality Blink Line of Electric Vehicle Chargers -- Case Study Xoran Portable xCAT Scanner -- Case Study Tana Water Bar -- Prototyping Interactive Electronic Products -- Case Study Kurio Interactive Museum Guide -- MODELMAKING -- Principles and Choices for Modelmaking -- Health and Safety -- Space and Setup -- Workflow -- Tools -- Basic Hand Tools -- Power Tools and Machine Shop Tools -- Rapid Prototyping -- CNC Machining and Lasor Cutting -- Adhesives and Fillers -- Tutorial Additive Modeling with Adhesives and Filler -- Paper -- Tutorial Bread Toaster -- Foamcore -- Tutorial Train Ticket Kiosk -- Polystyrene Foam -- Tutorial Children's Walkie-Talkie -- Thermoplastic Sheet and Extruded Shapes -- Case Study Adaptive Ski System -- Tutorial Barbecue Utensil -- Polyurethane Modeling Board -- Tutorial Game Controller -- Wood -- Case Study Leaning Clothes Rack in Wiggle Board -- Modeling Clay -- Case Study Olme Spyder -- Tutorial Clay Helmet -- Casting -- Case Study Casting Comic Figures -- Case Study Elastomeric Wristband -- Painting: More than an Afterthought -- Tutoriol 3D Printer Part -- Graphics: Labels and Decals -- Tutorial Walkie-Talkie -- Softgoods: Sewn Textile Products -- Case Study Kite-Surfing Glove.
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