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Capital markets of India : an investor's guide
Kanuk, Alan R.
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xxvii, 404 pages : illustrations, map ; 24 cm.
India's capital markets -- Growth of foreign investment -- Improved FII interest and access to the public markets -- Rising domestic investment demand -- Market risks -- Summary -- Foreign portfolio investment in India -- Foreign investment -- Tax considerations for FIIs -- Repatriation of investment funds -- Challenges for U.S. hedge fund FIIs -- Financial instruments available to FIIs -- Investment limits -- Brokerage fees -- FII application procedures -- Trading and settlement-related issues -- Summary of FII investment -- Foreign direct investment -- Ministries and departments administering FDI -- Foreign investment through global depositary receipts (Euro issues) -- Approval process for FDI -- Industrial sector preference -- Summary -- Safety and integrity -- The regulator and market safeguards -- The Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) -- Market safety and safeguards -- Disclosure and transparency rules -- Exchange surveillance -- Stock exchange risk systems -- Market-embedded safeguards to control abnormal stock and market behavior -- Margin controls -- Additional risk controls for derivatives -- Stock exchange central counterparty role -- Guarantee funds -- Inspection of brokers' books -- Summary -- The equity market : stock exchanges, trading and settlement -- India's stock exchanges -- Exchange trading rudiments -- Exchange trading systems -- Trading features of the exchanges -- Exchange settlement systems -- Approved clearing banks -- Exchange clearinghouses -- Custodians -- Depositories -- Settlement preparation for short selling -- Summary -- Derivatives -- Indian derivatives market fundamentals -- BSE derivatives products -- NSE derivatives products -- Summary -- The Indian debt market -- Indian debt market fundamentals -- Market infrastructure -- Market structure -- Debt trading -- Clearing and settlement -- Risk management -- Brokerage rates -- Reference rates -- Summary -- Indexes: general market and sector-specific -- BSE-sponsored indexes -- NSE-sponsored indexes -- Appendix A: facts and figures about India -- Appendix B: India's unique numbering system -- Appendix C: the Indian time zone -- Appendix D: BSE and NSE derivatives underlying stock details -- Appendix E: economic statistics -- Appendix F: order types -- Appendix G: NSE and BSE equity classifications -- Appendix H: exchange trading and clearing holidays -- Appendix I: index constituents -- Appendix J: calculation of NSE option base prices -- Appendix K: ADR/GDR versus ordinary share arbitrage: an example -- Appendix L: major financial institutions in India -- Appendix M: contact information for important financial services institutions -- Appendix N: further sources of information.
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