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The writer's journey : mythic structure for writers
The writer's journey : mythic structure for writers
Vogler, Christopher, 1949-
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3rd ed.
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xxxii, 407 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
This edition of the well-known text on the connection between mythology and storytelling contains a revised chapter on the Star Wars series, new illustrations and diagrams, and new chapters (presented in the appendices) on life force operating in stories, the mechanism of polarity in storytelling, the wisdom of the body, catharsis, and other concepts. The book is meant for all types of writers and outlines guidelines for plot and character development, focusing on character archetypes and the stages of a "hero's journey, " drawn from Jungian psychology and the mythic studies of Joseph Campbell. Vogler uses movies to give examples throughout. He is a story consultant for Hollywood film companies and teaches filmmakers and writers around the world.
Introduction: third edition -- Preface: second edition -- Introduction: second edition ~ preparing for the journey -- Book 1: mapping the journey. A practical guide -- The archetypes -- Hero -- Mentor: wise old man or woman -- Threshold guardian -- Herald -- Shapeshifter -- Shadow -- Ally -- Trickster -- Book 2: stages of the journey. Ordinary world -- Call to adventure -- Refusal of the call -- Meeting with the mentor -- Crossing the first threshold -- Tests, allies, enemies -- Approach to the inmost cave -- The ordeal -- Reward -- The road back -- The resurrection -- Return with the Elixir -- Epilogue: looking back on the journey -- Appendices. Stories are alive -- Polarity -- Catharsis -- The wisdom of the body -- Trust the path -- Filmography -- Bibliography -- Index -- About the author.
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