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Dangerous territory : my misguided quest to save the world
Peterson, Amy (Assistant Director of Honors Programming at Taylor University), author.
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Grand Rapids, Michigan : Discovery House, [2017]
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222 pages ; 21 cm
Amy Peterson grew up in church, where she loved the adventurous stories of missionaries in foreign countries who won people to the Lord. After college, she was ready to do big things for God on the mission field herself. Dangerous Territory is a captivating memoir that tells Amy's personal journey from wide-eyed adventurer to questioning believer to simply a beloved child of God. Her story will challenge your notion of mission work, showing how you can have a vital relationship with God that naturally spills over to affect others.
Part one : Sent -- I can't tell you this country's name -- Interlude : a brief history of the missionary narrative -- Backpackers and wanderlust -- Expats will change the world -- Do not easily leave -- Interlude : a brief history of short-term missions -- The strictest American -- Locusts and miracles -- Long walks on the beach -- The Backstreet Boys and salvation -- Christmas parties -- Solos at karaoke -- Headless in Thailand -- Interlude : a brief history of women in missions -- Further out -- Deeper in -- The impossibility of self-care -- High places (mistakes were made) -- Part two : Stripped -- Home -- "The police were following him" -- Instant messages -- Saying thank you in the dark -- Due to curriculum changes -- Choosing Cambodia -- Why are we here? -- Interlude : imagining other ways of doing missions -- The spirit of Christmas past, and other ghosts -- The killing fields -- Part three : Surrendered -- A whittled arrow, hidden -- Falling in love -- Being the beloved -- Fireflies and honey -- Gethsemane -- Interlude : the missionary -- Speaking faith as a second language -- Epilogue : no longer at ease.
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