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Humblebrag : the art of false modesty
Wittels, Harris.
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1st ed.
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xiv, 252 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm
From Emmy-award nominated comedian and writer (Parks and Recreation, Eastbound & Down) Harris Wittels comes a hysterical breakdown of boasts, brags, and self-adulation disguised as humble comments and complaints-based on his popular @humblebrag Twitter feed.
Machine generated contents note: Ugh, I Know Famous People! -- Ugh, Flying First Class Is So Ugh! -- Ugh, Being Hot Sure Can Be Annoying! -- Ugh, It's Tough Being a Model -- Ugh, I'm Too Skinny! -- Ugh, People Keep Hitting on Me! -- Ugh, I Hate Having All This Money! -- Ugh, It's Hard Being So Charitable! -- Ugh, Being an Author Is Hard! -- Totes McGotes -- "Weird"/"Awkward"/"Surreal" -- Humblebrags from Throughout History -- Ugh, Can You Believe They Included Me on This List? -- Ugh, I Can't Believe I Won an Award/Ugh, I Can't Believe I'm at This Awards Show -- Ugh, I'm "Genuinely" Asking! -- Ugh, I'm So Successful -- Ugh, I'm a Genius -- Uh-oh, I'm on TV! -- Ugh, I Can't Believe I Was Mentioned in This Thing! -- Ugh, I'm at an Exclusive Event! -- Urn, How'd I Get Here??? How Is This My Life??? -- Ugh, I'm So Humble! -- Ugh, It's So Weird Getting Recognized! -- Ugh, I Hate People Wanting My Picture and Autograph All the Time! -- Ugh, Several Things! (The Multi-Humblebrag).

Contents note continued: Ugh, I Travel Too Much! -- Repeat Offenders -- Miscellaneous -- Humblebrags in Academy Awards Acceptance Speeches -- Now What?

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