Cover image for It's not what you think : why Christianity is about so much more than going to heaven when you die
It's not what you think : why Christianity is about so much more than going to heaven when you die
Bethke, Jefferson.
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Nashville, Tennessee : Nelson Books, an imprint of Thomas Nelson, [2015]
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xxv, 214 pages ; 22 cm
Religion challenges the accepted thinking of contemporary Christianity with the world-changing message Jesus actually brought. Jesus was most upset at people for seeing but not seeing. For missing it. For succumbing to the danger and idolatry of forcing God into preconceived ideals. What if there were a better way? What if Jesus came not to help people escape the world but rather to restore it? Best-selling author and spoken word artist Jefferson Bethke says that 'Christians have the greatest story ever told but we aren't telling it.' So in this new book, Bethke tells that story anew, presenting God's truths from the Old and the New Testaments as the challenging and compelling story that it is - a grand narrative with God at the center. And in doing so, Bethke reminds readers of the life-changing message of Jesus that turned the world upside-down, a world that God is putting back together. --From Amazon.
Living in color -- Your story's not what you think : love defined you before anything else did -- The temple's not what you think : it's God pitching His tent in your backyard -- People are not who you think : they're neighbors to love, not commodities to use -- You aren't who you think : you're a person from the future -- The Sabbath's not what you think : you rest as you play -- Worship's not what you think : you become what you behold -- The Kingdom's not where you think : it's not in the sky, it's here now -- Brokenness is not what you think : you must embrace our scars -- The table's not what you think : it's not just a meal, it's a sacred space -- A final word to my friends.
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