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Choose your retirement : find the right path to your new adventure
Birken, Emily Guy.
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Avon, Massachusetts : Adams Media, [2015].

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255 pages ; 22 cm
"Uncover the truth about planning for retirement! From financial advisers and pundits on television to colleagues and family members, everyone has something to say about retirement. But how much of it is true? Whether you're looking to move into a senior living community or travel the world, Choose Your Retirement shows you how to realistically prepare for the future you desire. Inside, you will find expert advice for choosing the best retirement path for you and your family as well as information on common myths like: You will only need 80 percent of your current income in retirement Medicare will cover all your health-care needs Switching investments over to bonds is the safest retirement option Social Security will run out in 2033, leaving millions without their promised benefits Filled with hundreds of facts about retiring, Choose Your Retirement helps you set attainable financial goals and plan for the retirement--and life--you've always wanted"--

"A financial guide for retirement. Includes saving tips, timelines, and tips on how to effectively spend your post-retirement time"--
Clearing your path to retirement. Your money psychology ; Removing the small barriers ; Demystifying your investments ; Figure out what you want from retirement -- Debunking retirement myths. Retirement income myths ; Social Security myths ; Medicare and healthcare myths -- Dream big. How to retire in place ; How to move closer to family in retirement ; How to move into a retirement community ; How to retire abroad ; How to travel in retirement ; How to retire early ; How to change careers in retirement ; How to go back to school in retirement ; How to work part-time in retirement ; How to leave a legacy.
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