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The odyssey : the story of Odysseus
The odyssey : the story of Odysseus
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Odyssey. English
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xxiii, 344 pages ; 18 cm
Presents Homer's age-old tale of the wanderings of Odysseus during his ten-year voyage back home to Ithaca after the Trojan War as he overcomes both divine and natural forces.
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Translated from the ancient greek.
What went on in the house of Odysseus -- How the council met in the marketplace of Ithaca, and what came of it -- What happened in Sandy Pylos -- What happened in Lacedaimon -- Hermes is sent to Calypso's island; Odysseus makes a raft and is carried to the coast of Scheria -- How Odysseus appealed to Nausicaa, and she brought him to her father's house -- What happened to Odysseus in the palace of Alcinoos -- How they held games and sports in Phaiacia -- How Odysseus visited the lotus-eaters and the cyclops -- The island of the winds; the land of the midnight sun; Circe -- How Odysseus visited the kingdom of the dead -- The singing sirens, and the terrors of Scylla and Charybdis -- How Odysseus came to Ithaca -- Odysseus and the swineherd -- How Telemachos sailed back to Ithaca -- How Telemachos met his father -- How Odysseus returned to his own home -- How Odysseus fought the sturdy beggar -- How the old nurse knew her master -- How God sent omens of the wrath to come -- The contest with the great bow -- The battle of the hall -- How Odysseus found his wife again -- How Odysseus found his old father, and how the story ended -- Homer's words.
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