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The road to happiness is always under construction
Gray, Linda, 1940- , author.
First Regan Arts hardcover edition.
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New York : Regan Arts, 2015.
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vi, 261 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of paltes : illustrations ; 24 cm
Gray has been through more pain and tragedy than her longtime fans realize, having suffered paralyzing polio as a child, growing up with an alcoholic mother, landing in a emotionally abusive marriage at twenty-two and living by her husband's rules for sixteen years before she openly rebelled against him to take an acting class. With her big break on Dallas, fame came a bitter, public divorce. To celebrate her seventy-fifth birthday, Gray opens up about her life, the challenges of sexism in Hollywood and the pressures of being a single working mom, with a relentlessly positive attitude that kept her cruising, with a few speed bumps, to the place of serenity she thrives in now.
Hello -- How to shape into something in 75 years or less -- What scares you can also heal you -- Successful women don't give up -- Toot your own horn -- Love the skin you're in -- Late bloomer -- Build a tool box -- Explore undiscovered roads -- Cat heaven -- Learn to navigate for yourself -- Tough love -- Into the driver's seat -- Pull the trigger -- The bigger the hair, the closer to God -- Gong bong -- Laugh until champagne comes out of your nose -- Cut yourself some slack -- Detours happen -- Steer the bus -- Treat ever ride like it's the last one of your life -- The trampoline effect -- Cherish your passengers -- Linda Gray's principles for success -- The dangers of downshifting -- Give -- What to take with you when you go -- Shed-- Suit up with style -- Show yourself -- Travel light -- Shush -- Overcoming the obstacles in your path -- Expand your world -- How to date at any age -- The Gray Fox -- Shine, baby, shine.
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