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The rubber band : & The red box
Stout, Rex, 1886-1975.
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New York : Bantam Books, 2009.
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189 pages, 257 pages : illustration ; 21 cm.
The rubber band -- In all his years of detecting, the unflappable Nero Wolfe has never encountered an investigation as damnably messy as this one. For what began as a clean case of larceny quickly sank into a quagmire of blackmail and broken promises, international scandal and cold-blooded murder. Now Wolfe and his assistant, Archie Goodwin must bridge eras and oceans to find the link between a Wild West lynching and a respected British peer. Only then can they save Wolfe's beautiful young client -- and a hotly disputed stake of a cool million dollars.

The red box -- A lovely woman is dead, and the fortunes of overextended theatrical producer Llewellyn Frost depend on solving the mystery of the red box: two pounds of candied fruits, nuts and creams, covered with chocolate -- and laced with potassium cyanide. When Nero Wolfe's suspicion falls on Frost's kissing cousin, Frost wants the detective to kill the sickly sweet case--before it kills him.
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"Nero Wolfe mysteries"--Cover.

"Two mysteries in one volume"--Cover.
The rubber band -- The red box.
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Red box.
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