Cover image for D'Aulaires' book of Norse myths
D'Aulaires' book of Norse myths
D'Aulaire, Ingri, 1904-1980.
Uniform Title:
Norse gods and giants
Publication Information:
New York : New York Review of Books, 2005.

Physical Description:
xiii, 154 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 31 cm.
A collection of Norse myths describing the exploits of the Aesir gods and goddesses, beginning with the creation of the world and ending with the day of reckoning. The companion to D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths, a treasured part of so many children's libraries, has returned to print after more than twenty years. The Caldecott medal winning D'Aulaires once again captivate their young audience with this beautifully illustrated introduction to Norse legends, telling stories of Odin the all father, Thor the thunder god and the theft of his hammer, Loki the mischievous god of the Jotun Race, and Ragnarokk, the destiny of the gods. Children meet Bragi, the god of poetry, and the famous Valkyrie maidens protecting Odin's Valhalla, among other gods, goddesses, heroes, and giants. Textured illustrations throughout depict the wondrous other world of Norse folklore and its fantastical northern landscape. Includes color illustrations throughout.
General Note:
Originally published: Norse gods and giants. Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday, 1967.

Includes index.
The first gods and giants -- The creation of the world -- The creation of man -- Yggdrasil, the world tree -- Asgard and the Aesir gods -- Odin, the all-father -- Thor, the thunder-god -- Loki, the god of the Jotun race -- Sifs golden hair -- Loki's monstrous brood -- Balder, the god of light -- Heimdall, the watchman of Asgard -- Njord, Frey and Freya -- Bragi, god of poetry -- Odin's eight-legged steed -- The Valkyries and Valhalla -- Frigg and the goddesses -- Freya's wonderful necklace -- Idunn's apples of youth -- Skade, the ski-goddess -- Frey and Gerd, the Jotun maiden -- The theft of Thor's hammer -- Thor and the Jotun Geirrod -- Thor and the Jotun Utgardsloki -- Thor and the Jotun Rungnir -- Thor and the Jotun Aegir -- The death ofB balder -- Loki's punishment -- Ragnarokk, the destiny of the gods -- A new world.
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