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Weed the people : the future of legal marijuana in America
Weed the people : the future of legal marijuana in America
Barcott, Bruce, 1966- , author.
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New York, NY : Time Books, [2015]

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x, 325 pages ; 24 cm
"Marijuana legalization is the next great refutation of the impossible. The long era of pot prohibition is quickly giving way to an American social and economic revolution. In 2012, Bruce Barcott, a pot skeptic: and middle-aged father, reluctantly voted for legalization. He woke up the next morning and wondered: What have we done? To answer that question, the award-winning author embarked on a journey into the strange new world of legal weed. The result is an investigative travelogue by turns humorous, insightful and brilliantly observed. Barcott meets botanists breeding new strains, investors chasing marijuana millions, marketers designing wholesome dope brands, scientists exploring how pot can heal and harm, and parents struggling to explain it to their kids. Weed the People is a sneak preview for the millions of Americans who will soon need to decide whether, when and how they use legal pot, Filled with the pungent aroma of change, Weed the People is a provocative examination of one of the most significant cultural moments of our time."--Book jacket.

Marijuana, scientifically known as Cannabis sativa, thrived underground as the nation's most popular illegal drug. Now the tide has shifted: In 1996, California passed the nation's first medical marijuana law, which allowed patients to grow it and use it with a doctor's permission. By 2010, twenty states and the District of Columbia had adopted medical pot laws. In 2012, Colorado and Washington states passed ballot measures legalizing marijuana for adults age 21 and older. The magnitude of the change in America's relationship to marijuana can't be measured in only economic or social terms: There are deeper shifts going on here -- cultural realignments, social adjustments, and financial adjustments. The place of marijuana in our lives is being rethought, reconsidered, and recalibrated. Four decades after Richard Nixon declared a War on Drugs, that long campaign has reached a point of exhaustion and failure. The issues surrounding the legalization of pot vary from the trivial to the profound. There are new questions of social etiquette: Is one expected to offer a neighborly toke? If so, how? Is it cool to bring cannabis to a Super Bowl party? Yea or nay on the zoning permit for a marijuana shop two doors down from the Safeway? Plus there are the inevitable conversations between parents and children over exactly what this adult experiment with marijuana means for them.
Prologue: Harmony is proprietary --Welcom --Here is my permanent record -- Pot's Cronkite moment -- How we got here -- The long conversation -- Two suits in a sea of hemp pajamas -- You might want to try the joint next door -- I use it before church -- The Washington state scramble -- The marijuana magnate rolls large -- And there will be treats for everyone -- Day One in Colorado -- This is your brain on pot -- There are reasons to keep it illegal -- The schizophrenia question -- Fatter, dumber, and sleepier -- Going international -- Louisiana rain -- Small catastrophes in Colorado -- At the Cannabis Cup -- You are number 121 -- In my backyard -- Doctors without data -- Edibles are a problem -- What can happen if we do it right -- Day One in Washington state -- Early data -- True compassion -- Classically cannabis -- The world changed.

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