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Triumph of the heart : forgiveness in an unforgiving world
Triumph of the heart : forgiveness in an unforgiving world
Bettencourt, Megan Feldman.
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New York, NY : Avery, 2015.
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xxii, 262 pages ; 24 cm
"A journalist, a journey, and the transformative power of forgiveness. Veteran journalist Megan Feldman had never considered herself a forgiving person. She'd just gone through a breakup and felt perfectly justified in hating her ex forever. But then she encountered a man who had truly forgiven the teenager who murdered his only son. How could anyone forgive that? Was there something wrong with him? Or was there something wrong with her? So Megan set out on a global adventure, not just to find out what forgiveness is, but how it works. Examining situations as mundane as road rage, as painful as cheating spouses, and as unthinkable as war crimes, she discovers the remarkable physical and psychological benefits of forgiveness, and reveals some of the best ways we can learn to do it ourselves, as both individuals and communities. Because it turns out that the ability to forgive and put down the burdens of the past really is what determines our quality of life-whether after a nasty breakup or a much more severe loss. Inspirational, useful, and wise, Triumph of the Heart is a book for readers of Anne Lamott and Brene Brown"--

"The author embarks on a quest to understand the complex idea of forgiveness, drawing on the latest research showing that forgiveness can provide a range of health benefits, from relieving depression to decreasing high blood pressure. Through several remarkable stories of people who have managed to forgive in the toughest of circumstances, she shows us how people are able to do it, where they find the courage, and the profound sense of freedom they feel afterward"--
Introduction: How I reluctantly discovered forgiveness and why I set out to explore it -- 1. the heart of darkness : how two lives were taken and two friends were made -- 2. the Science : is forgiveness natural, and does it provide health benefits? -- 3. Making amends : the role of redemption -- 4. A reckoning of origins : forgiving our parents -- 5. the ecology of trust : forgiveness in intimate relationships -- 6. A touch of grace : forgiveness as a spiritual (and secular) practice -- 7. the survivor : how one woman forgave the "unforgivable" in Rwanda -- 8. Chain reaction : the institutional habits that spread forgiveness in schools and communities -- 9. Living peace : how innovative international programs are setting the stage for forgiveness between longtime adversaries -- 10. Orange-yellow streams of light : a forgiveness ceremony -- Appendix : Forgiveness practices.
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