Cover image for The Nixon effect : how Richard Nixon's presidency fundamentally changed American politics
The Nixon effect : how Richard Nixon's presidency fundamentally changed American politics
Schoen, Douglas E., 1953- , author.
First American edition.
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New York : Encounter Books, 2016.

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385 pages ; 24 cm
"The Nixon Effect examines the 37th president's political legacy in broad-ranging ways that make clear, for the first time, the breadth and duration of his influence on American political life. The book argues that Nixon is the key political figure in postwar American politics in multiple ways, some barely acknowledged until now. His legacy includes a generational shift in the ideological orientations of both the Republican and Democratic parties; the Nixon influence, both intentional and unintentional, was to push both parties further out to their ideological poles. So stark was Nixon's influence on party identities that it shaped the hardened partisan polarization in Washington today and the evolution of what has come to be called Red and Blue America, "
Introduction: walking in Nixon's shadow -- Section I. The Nixon record -- The domestic policy pragmatist -- The foreign policy visionary -- Section II. The Nixon influence -- Nixonizing the Republicans; Part One: the southern strategy and the silent majority -- Nixonizing the Democrats; Part One: stealing the domestic center from liberals -- Nixonizing the Republicans; Part Two: the conservative revolt -- Nixonizing the Democrats; Part Two: Vietnam, McGovern, and the end of national-security liberalism -- Triangulation redux: how Bill Clinton became a Nixon heir -- They didn't listen to Nixon: foreign policy and polarization under Bush and Obama -- Section III. The Nixon legacy -- Watergate and the end of bipartisan politics -- Nixon's final comeback: the postpresidency -- Afterword: Nixon in 2016.
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