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A treasury of Gilbert & Sullivan; the words and the music of one hundred and two songs from eleven operettas
A treasury of Gilbert & Sullivan; the words and the music of one hundred and two songs from eleven operettas
Sullivan, Arthur, 1842-1900.
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New York : Simon and Schuster, 1941.
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405 pages, 1 unnumbered page : including illustrations, color plates. ; 31 x 24 cm
(The) Gondoliers: Dance a cachucha -- I am a courtier grave and serious -- I stole the prince -- In enterprise of martial kind -- O my darling, O my pet -- Rising early in the morning -- Roses white and roses red -- Take a pair of sparkling eyes -- There lived a king -- There was a time -- We're called gondolieri -- When a merry maiden marries; H.M.S. Pinafore: Carefully on tiptoe stealing -- Farewell, my own -- He is an Englishman -- I am the captain of the Pinafore -- I am the monarch of the sea -- I'm called little Buttercup -- Kind Captain, I've important information -- (A) Maiden fair to see -- Never mind the why and wherefore -- Refrain, audacious tar -- Sorry her lot -- Things are seldom what they seem -- We sail the ocean blue -- When I was a lad; Iolanthe: Faint heart never won fair lady -- Good morrow, good lover -- If we're weak enough to tarry -- (The) Law is the true embodiment -- Loudly let the trumpet bray -- None shall part us -- Of all the young ladies I know -- Oh, foolish fay -- Spurn not the nobly born -- We are dainty little fairies -- When all night long -- When Britain really ruled the waves -- When I went to the bar -- When you're lying awake -- Young Strephon is the kind of lout; (The) Mikado: Behold the lord high executioner -- Braid the raven hair -- Brightly dawns our wedding day -- (The) Criminal cried -- (The) Flowers that bloom in the spring -- For he's going to marry Yum-Yum -- From every kind of man -- Here's a how-de-do -- If you want to know who we are -- I've got a little list -- (The) Moon and I -- My object all sublime -- Three little maids from school -- Tit-willow -- Were you not to Ko-Ko plighted -- (A) Wand'ring minstrel; Patience: I cannot tell what this love may be -- If you want a receipt -- If you're anxious for to shine -- Love is a plaintive song -- (The) Magnet and the churn -- Prithee, pretty maiden -- Silvered is the raven hair -- Twenty love-sick maidens we -- When I first put this uniform on -- When I go out of door; (The) Pirates of Penzance: Ah, leave me not to pine -- Climbing over Rocky Mountain -- Major-General -- Model of a modern -- Oh better far to live and die -- Oh, is there not one maiden breast -- (A) Policeman's lot is not a happy one -- Poor wandering one -- When Frederic was a little lad -- When the foeman bares his steel -- With catlike tread; Princess Ida: Expressive glances -- Ida was a twelvemonth old -- If you give me your attention -- Would you know the kind of maid; Ruddigore (Or, The Witch's Curse): I know a youth -- If somebody there chanced to be -- My boy, you may take it from me -- There grew a little flower -- When the night wind howls; (The) Sorcerer: My name is John Wellington Wells -- Now to the banquet we press -- Time was, when love and I; Trial by jury: Oh, gentlemen, listen -- When first my old, old love I knew -- When I, good friends, was call'd to the bar -- With a sense of deep emotion; (The) Yeomen of the guard: I have a song to sing, O! -- Is love a boon? -- (A) Man who would woo a fair maid -- Oh, a private buffoon -- Strange adventure -- Were I thy bride -- When a wooer goes a-wooing -- When maiden loves -- When our gallant Norman foes.
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