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Statius, P. Papinius (Publius Papinius), author.
Corrected edition.
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Cambridge, Massachusetts ; London, England : Harvard University Press, 2015.

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xxx, 427 pages ; 17 cm.
"Statius' Silvae, thirty-two occasional poems, were written probably between 89 and 96 AD. Here the poet congratulates friends, consoles mourners, offers thanks, admires a monument or artistic object, and describes a memorable scene. The verse is light in touch, with a distinct pictorial quality. Statius gives us in these impromptu poems clear images of Domitian's Rome. Statius was raised in the Greek cultural milieu of the Bay of Naples, and his Greek literary education lends a sophisticated veneer to his ornamental verse. The role of the emperor and the imperial circle in determining taste is also readily apparent: the figure of the emperor Domitian permeates these poems."-- Publisher description.
Recent scholarship on the Silvae / Statius to his friend Stella -- Statue of Domitian -- Wedding ode in honor of Stella and Violentilla -- Villa of Manilius Vopiscus -- To Rutilius Gallicus -- Baths of Claudius Etruscus -- Kalends of December -- Statius to his friend Melior -- Glaucias -- Villa of Pollius Felix -- Tree of Atedius Melior -- Parrot of the same -- Tame lion -- Consolation to Flavius Ursus -- To Polla on Lucan's birthday -- Statius to his friend Pollius -- Hercules at Surrentum -- Send-off to Maecius Celer -- Consolation to Claudius Etruscus -- Hair of Flavius Earinus -- To his wife Claudia -- Statius to his friend Marcellus -- Seventeenth consulship of Domitian -- To the Emperor Domitian -- Domitian Way -- To Vitorius Marcellus -- Ode to Septimius Severus -- Hercules statuette -- Ode to Vibius Maximus -- Poem of congratulation -- Jesting hendecasyllabics -- Statius to his friend Abascantus -- On the death of Priscilla -- Praises of Crispinus -- Lament for his father -- Sleep -- A lament for his boy.
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