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College (un)bound : the future of higher education and what it means for students
Selingo, Jeffrey J.
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Las Vegas, NV : Amazon Publishing, 2013.
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xxvi, 240 pages ; 23 cm
What is the value of a college degree if it leaves you with few job prospects in a tough economy and buried in debt? This book asks the burning question on every prospective student, parent, and new graduate's mind. Student loan debt in the United States crossed the $1 trillion mark in 2011. To say that the cost of a four-year college education is inflated on many campuses would be an understatement, and that education bubble is about to burst. The author, a journalist and editor-in-chief of the Chronicle for Higher Education, argues that colleges can no longer sell a four-year degree as the ticket to success in life. This work exposes the dire pitfalls in the current state of higher education for anyone concerned with the intellectual and financial future of America.
How we got here -- The great credential race -- The customer is always right -- The trillion-dollar problem -- The disruption -- The five disruptive forces that will change higher education forever -- A personalized education -- The online revolution -- The future -- The student swirl -- Degrees of value -- The skills of the future -- Why college? -- Conclusion -- Future forward -- Checklist for the future.

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