Cover image for We're still here ya bastards : how the people of New Orleans rebuilt their city
We're still here ya bastards : how the people of New Orleans rebuilt their city
Gratz, Roberta Brandes, author.
Publication Information:
New York : Nation Books, [2015]
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xix, 404 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
"[Katrina] completely transformed one of the most beloved cities in America, leaving nearly 80 percent of New Orleans flooded and damaging 134,000 housing units, causing unprecedented destruction. The response to Katrina is a topic of unending debate and anger ... Watching coverage of the hurricane on television in 2005 ... Roberta Brandes Gratz knew that the best chance for the city's recovery came from the people who would return to New Orleans. She also knew that she wanted to see for herself how the city would respond. Two years later, after having made several trips to the area and written several articles, Gratz bought a house in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans and immersed herself in the life of the city"--
Preface -- Introduction: The Live Oaks -- Chapter 1: The Lower Ninth Ward -- Chapter 2: The View from Above -- Chapter 3: The Grassroots Take Charge -- Chapter 4: What Katrina Couldn't Destroy -- Chapter 5: The Bells Keep Ringing -- Chapter 6: Building New, Restoring Old -- Chapter 7: Inside and Outside the Levee -- Chapter 8: Environmental Connections -- Chapter 9: The Demise of Charity Hospital -- Chapter 10: Crime, the Jail, and the Police -- Chapter 11: The Education Challenge -- Chapter 12: Public Housing and Disaster Capitalism -- Chapter 13: Women at the Forefront -- Conclusion: "We're Still Here Ya Bastards" -- Acknowledgments -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Index.
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