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Tomorrowland : our journey from science fiction to science fact
Kotler, Steven, 1967-
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Boston : New Harvest, [2015]
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xvii, 284 pages ; 21 cm
An examination of the scientific and technologic developments that have transformed fantasy into reality. It's not quite the age of flying cars and space colonies, but we are not that far off either. The dreams of yesteryear are becoming the reality of the present day with remarkable speed.
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Includes index.
Part One: The future in here -- Bionic man: the world's first bionic man -- The genius who sticks around forever: the science of mind uploading -- Extreme states: the biology of spirituality -- Evolution's next stage: the future of evolution -- Vision quest: the world's first artificial vision implant -- Part Two: The future out there -- Reengineering the Everglades: the world's first terraforming project -- Buckaroo Banzai: the arrival of flying cars -- Meltdown or mother lode: the possibilities of nuclear energy -- Space diving: the future of sport -- Building a better mosquito: the world's first genetically engineered creature -- The great galactic gold rush: the birth of the asteroid mining industry -- Part Three: The future uncertain -- The psychedelic renaissance: the radical world of psychedelic medicine -- Sympathy for the Devil: the troubled science of life extension -- The final frontier: the politics of stem cells -- Hacking the President's DNA: the consequences of playing God -- The god of sperm: the controversial future of birth.
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