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Puppies For Dummies
Hodgson, Sarah.
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Sarah Hodgson has been New York's and Connecticut's favorite dog trainer for over 25 years and is a prolific author, columnist, media personality, and inventor. Her trademark upbeat, proven, and positive training techniques teach owners how to help their puppies become well-behaved familycompanions. Visit Sarah at
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Puppies For Dummies, 3rd Edition; About the Author; Dedication; Author's Acknowledgments; Table of Contents; Introduction; About This Book; Conventions Used in This Book; What You're Not to Read; Foolish Assumptions; How This Book Is Organized; Icons Used in This Book; Where to Go from Here; Part I: Choosing a Dog to Love for a Lifetime; Chapter 1: Puppy Love: Making All the Important Decisions; Browsing Breeds and Considering Your Options; Helping Your Puppy Jump In to the Family Groove; Tackling Training through Your Puppy's Growth Phases

Handling Day-to-Day Frustrations - and More Serious ProblemsProviding a Clean Bill of Health; Chapter 2: Considering a Puppy to Fit Your Lifestyle; Living Your Dream: Pinpointing What You Really Want; Considering Your Household; Chapter 3: Browsing the Breeds: Choosing the Right Dog for You; Figuring Out Whether You Want a Purebred, Mixed-Breed, or Designer Dog; Picking Your Pup among Seven Standard Breed Groups; Chapter 4: Searching High and Low for Your Puppy; Deciding Where to Get Your Puppy; Meeting and Assessing Puppies; Going for an Older Puppy

Part II: Caring for Your Puppy's Everyday NeedsChapter 5: Outfitting Your Home; Shopping for Initial Supplies; Exploring Training Leashes and Collars; Chapter 6: Preparing for the First Days and Weeks; Prepping for Your Puppy's Arrival; Giving Puppy a Ride Home; Making the First Introductions; Finding Out What to Expect the First Few Weeks; Bonding with Your Puppy; Understanding Your Puppy's Basic Needs; Teacher Be Taught: Training Yourself First; Chapter 7: Communicating with Your Puppy; Teaching Your Puppy to Understand You; Taking Time to Listen and Learn Doglish

Chapter 8: Socializing PuppyCalming Your Puppy in New Situations; Teaching Your Puppy to Be Accepting of All People; Conditioning Your Puppy to Life's Surprises; Chapter 9: Living in the Real World: Kids, Travel, and Other Adventures; Encouraging Positive Interactions between Kids and Pups; Living in the 'Hood; Adapting to Life Changes; Handling a Two-Puppy Household; Taking Trips with Your Puppy; Part III: Training with a Positive Spin; Chapter 10: Involving Everyone in Team Puppy; A Team Effort: Getting Help and Buy-In from Friends and Family; Shaping Good Manners from Day One

It Takes a Village: Enlisting Outside HelpChapter 11: Using Cool Tools and Groovy Gadgets; Emphasizing Good Habits with a Little Indulgence; Clicker-Happy Training; Targeting to Communicate Visually; Chapter 12: Teaching Lessons for Puppies of Every Age; Embracing Your Baby: 8 to 12 Weeks; Teaching Lessons in the Terrible Twos: 12 to 16 Weeks; Working with Your Budding Adolescent: 16 to 24 Weeks; Practicing Lessons during Puppy Puberty: 6 to 9 Months; Getting Strict in Teen Lessons: 9 to 12 Months; Chapter 13: Civilizing Your Puppy Indoors and Out; Moving Beyond the Crate and Gated Enclosures

Ding-Dong! Teaching Doorbell Civility
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