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Martha Jefferson : an intimate life with Thomas Jefferson
Hyland, William G., Jr., 1956-
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Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, 2015.
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xv, 293 pages ; 24 cm
Martha Jefferson is the first and only biography of Thomas Jefferson's greatest love and true kindred spirit, who died an untimely death at the young ago of thirty-three in 1782. Drawing on a wealth of newly probed sources--including family letters, documents, and the handwritten notes left by Jefferson's famed biographer, Dumas Malone--William G. Hyland Jr. captures the charm, sophistication, and grace, as well as a profound sense of history, of this little-known and elusive figure, who until now, has been a mere footnote to the story of America's founding. Hyland brings us a conflicted and honest Martha Jefferson, who endured the Revolution as valiantly as some men--defending her very doorstep from raiding British troops--and presided over the domestic life of the Jefferson's "little mountain, " Monticello, during her husband's long absences and historic rise to power. A revealing and insightful look at an often overlooked American woman, this book provides a unique and previously unexplored understanding of America's Revolutionary Era, and the men and women upon whose bravery, talent, and resolve our nation was founded.
Prologue -- Influences -- The Forest -- John Wayles -- The young widow -- Thomas Jefferson -- True love -- Marriage -- Mr. & Mrs. Jefferson -- Slavery and domestic life -- Patsy and Polly -- Death -- The Governor's Palace -- War -- Mistress of Monticello -- "A promise" -- Suicide -- Paris -- Epilogue: John Wayles and Betty Hemings.
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