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Your baby's best shot : why vaccines are safe and save lives
Herlihy, Stacy Mintzer, 1970-
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Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., [2012]

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x, 213 pages ; 24 cm
Covering such topics as vaccine ingredients, how vaccines work, what can happen when populations don't vaccinate their children, and the controversies surrounding supposed links to autism, allergies, and asthma, this book provides an overview of the field in an easy to understand guide for parents.
Who we are and why we wrote this book -- The Edward Jenner story: a brief history of the first vaccine -- The biology of vaccines -- Of bananas and formaldehyde, or what the heck is in them? -- A real mother: the world before vaccines -- The worst-case scenario: true adverse reactions -- Vaccines and autism: the creation of a modern myth -- Autism: a brief discussion of the facts -- Mark and David Geier: other autism myths -- ADHD, allergies, and all the rest: other vaccine myths -- The good, the bad, and the ugly: a guide to the online world -- Other vaccine myths and facts -- Modern developments in vaccine technology: the story of the HPV vaccine -- The easiest parenting decision you'll make.
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