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Viking Bay : a Kay Hamilton novel
Lawson, M. A.
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New York : Blue Rider Press, [2015]
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337 pages ; 24 cm
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Kay Hamilton, the beautiful, fearless, and audacious DEA agent who went rogue in Rosarito Beach , has paid the price for her subversive behavior. As Viking Bay begins, Kay has been fired by the DEA and needs a job to support herself and her teenage daughter.

Kay moves to Washington D.C. and connects with the Callahan Group, a shadowy quasi-governmental agency with an enigmatic agenda. For her first mission, Kay is told only a few facts- that the U.S. government wants Sahid Khan, a provincial Afghan governor, to become the nation's next president, and that Khan's daughter Ara - a Western-educated former party girl - is her father's key political advisor. Kay Hamilton is the perfect undercover operative to learn Ara's secrets and sway her thinking in line with America's interests. But when things go horribly wrong at a clandestine meeting in Afghanistan, Kay emerges at the center of an international plot that makes her question those she loves, those she works for, and her own faith in justice.

Suspenseful, lightning - quick, and endlessly entertaining, Viking Bay is the pitch-perfect new adventure in the Kay Hamilton series.

Praise for Rosarito Beach

'M. A. Lawson's Rosarito Beach grabs you by the throat ten seconds after you've settled into your easy chair for a read. The writing's lyrical, the plot is breathtaking, and the characters, the good ones are bad, are utterly compelling and, most important, thoroughly believable. And then there's Agent Hamilton. I fell for her on the first page.' Jeffery Deaver

'It's no surprise if this new series hooks you . . . Lawson's trademark caustic humor and dialogue zing on almost every page.' Michele Ross, Cleveland Plain Dealer

'Mike 'M. A.' Lawson hits his stride in a big way with Rosarito Beach , featuring the impressive debut of DEA agent Kay Hamilton. This is T. Jefferson Parker's brilliant Charlie Hood series on steroids with just enough Elmore Leonard ( Riding the Rap ) thrown in for good measure. Flat-out great.' Jon Land, Providence Journal

'If you haven't read M. A. Lawson, start right now.' Lisa Scottoline

Author Notes

M. A. Lawson is the pen name for the award-winning novelist Mike Lawson, a former civilian executive for the U.S. Navy and the creator of nine novels in the Capitol Hill--based Joe DeMarco series.

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Booklist Review

The guy hero is back. Cynical. Skeptical. He can beat you up, or draw faster when he can't. Drink you under the table, too. When he meets members of the opposite sex, he muses on their possibilities as bed partners. But in Lawson's fine action thriller, there's one difference: he is a woman. Kay Hamilton is an ex-DEA agent, canned for killing a few slimewads, never mind due process. Here she's hired by a mysterious Washington outfit that may be working for the president. Or not. Her job is to infiltrate an Afghan family with access to valuable metals and influence them toward Washington. It goes murderously, violently bad, and Kay suspects her elite crowd contains a traitor. The traitor is out to kill her, which leads to a couple of exciting fight scenes. Kay is a great character: smart, tough, and uncompromising. Once she discovers the traitor, she plots an elaborate, humiliating punishment. All in all, this makes for much more compelling reading than if she had been a he. --Crinklaw, Don Copyright 2014 Booklist

Publisher's Weekly Review

The risky exploits that got Kay Hamilton fired from the DEA catch the eye of the mysterious Callahan Group, led by rumpled Thomas Callahan, in Lawson's well-paced follow-up to 2013's Rosarito Beach. Lured by a generous salary, Kay helps the Callahan Group broker a deal for U.S. access to lithium deposits, negotiating with an Afghan governor and his beautiful, liberal-minded daughter. But when the deal goes explosively wrong, Kay begins trawling the murky underbelly of the Callahan Group to find out who betrayed them, putting herself and her teenage daughter at risk. Lawson's knowledge from a career as a senior executive for the U.S. Navy gives muscle to a plot bound by the obscure intentions and covert operations of intelligence work, though the finale reveals the traitor's rather weak motivations. Kay's tendency to act before she thinks keeps the plot whizzing along. Some readers may see her as pure male fantasy: a curvy blonde who's gutsy, irresistible, and sexually free. Agent: David Gernert, Gernert Company. (Jan.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

Library Journal Review

Kay Hamilton is back, and her rogue style has landed her a new job with an agency associated with the White House. Or is it? Lawson's acclaimed Rosarito Beach introduced Kay when she was working for the DEA, which ended abruptly when she took matters into her own hands in order to save her daughter. The Callahan Group, on the other hand, sees a person who will take chances and take on dangerous assignments without question, so they bring her into the fold and immediately send her on a mission to Afghanistan. She is only told a few details (she's on a need-to-know basis) but understands that an Afghan governor, Sahid Khan, and his daughter, Ara, are of crucial interest to the United States and could become vital if he was to become president of his country. That's where the Callahan Group (and Kay) step in. However, the mission does not go as planned, and Kay nearly loses her life in the process. But who is responsible? As she struggles to discover the identity of the person who thwarted the mission, her suspicions lead her to suspect everyone-including her new coworkers. Verdict This thrilling sequel will not disappoint fans of the first book. [M.A. Lawson is the pen name of Mike Lawson, author of the Joe DeMarco series.-Ed.]-Cynthia Price, Francis Marion Univ. Lib., Florence, SC (c) Copyright 2014. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.



***This excerpt is from an advance uncorrected proof*** Copyright © 2014 M.A. Lawson PROLOGUE It began with a text message. Alpha texted Bravo and the burner phone in Bravo's pocket vibrated. Bravo looked at the message: Transfer complete . Bravo punched numbers into the same phone, calling Charlie. He let the receiving phone ring twice, then disconnected the call. No words were necessary. The man designated as Charlie removed his phone from a leg pocket in his cargo pants, punched in five digits, and hit call--and a transformer at a substation half a kilometer away disintegrated, sending bolts of white light a hundred feet into the sky. Witnesses later said that lightning--on a clear, cloudless night--had struck the transformer. Delta didn't need a text message or a call to tell him to perform his task: the power going out in the compound was his signal. He put on night vision goggles and slipped into the house. He caught the old man just as he was coming out of his bedroom to investigate the power outage, and Delta slit his throat as if the old man were a newborn lamb. He dragged the body into a closet and left the house. Delta called Bravo's phone and it vibrated twice. Again no words were needed to tell Bravo that Delta had completed his mission. Bravo didn't use the burner phone for his next call. He used his personal phone, because it didn't matter if his next call could be traced. He dialed a number and spoke for less than ten seconds. Then he counted slowly to sixty--sixty seconds should be plenty of time. If he was wrong, a man Bravo needed to live was going to die. At the count of sixty, he reached into his pocket and, without looking, punched the # key five times. The package erupted inside the house. Stainless-steel ball bearings and roofing nails spread outward faster than the speed of sound, and an odorless flammable gel inside the package ignited. The people in the room, some sitting no more than two feet from the bomb, were ripped asunder in an instant. Their flesh was burning seconds after that. Bravo was confident that no one had survived; nothing made of flesh and bone could have survived. Bravo was wrong. Excerpted from Viking Bay by M. A. Lawson All rights reserved by the original copyright owners. Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher.

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