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Cure tooth decay : heal & prevent cavities with nutrition
Nagel, Ramiel.
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Ashland, OR : Golden Child Publishing, [2012]
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234 page : illustrations ; 23 cm
There is a holistic alternative to conventional dental treatments which can help you heal tooth pain, reduce tooth infections, halt tooth decay and inhibit gum disease. Learn about a flexible whole foods dietary program pioneered by the head of research at the National Dental Association, Weston Price D.D.S. that proved 90-95% effective in halting cavities. Cure Tooth Decay provides clear and easy to understand dental facts so you can make healthy, life affirming choices about your dental health, including a non-surgical approach to halt baby-bottle tooth decay. Learn five nutritional programs that Nagel used to cure his own cavities, and halt his daughter's severe cavities. Restore dental and oral health through nutrition and lifestyle, not harmful chemicals and surgery. Dr. Gallagher the president of the Holistic Dental Association says, "Cure Tooth Decay is treasure-trove of wisdom as it takes the mystery out of dental health."
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"Foreword by Timothy Gallagher, D.D.S. President, Holistic Dental Association."
1. Dentistry's inability to cure cavities : Reaffirm your choice to cure your cavities ; The real cause of cavities ; Remembering your connection ; Fear of the dentist ; How conventional dentistry works ; Tooth drilling ; Tooth filling ; Micro-organisms ; Conventional dentistry's losing battle against bacteria ; Dental alert: bacteria are not the primary cause of cavities ; The failure of conventional dentistry -- 2. Dentist Weston Price discovers the cure : Lack of nutrition is the cause of physical degeneration ; The healthy people of the Loetschental Valley, Switzerland ; Nutrition of the people in the Loetschental Valley ; Immunity to tooth decay ; Modern Swiss were losing their health ; the nutrition of modern Swiss ; Immunity to tooth decay ; The healthy people of the Outer Hebrides ; Immunity to tooth decay ; Gaelics on modern foods are losing their health ; Nutrition of modernized Gaelics ; Immunity to tooth decay ; Genetics and tooth decay ; The Aborigines of Australia ; Diet of native Aborigines ; Modernized Aboriginal diet ; A dire warning from Dr. Price ; Nutritive values of diets compared ; Fat-soluble vitamins and activators ; Why tooth decay with modern civilization? ; Weston Price's tooth decay curing protocol ; Dr. Price's protocol summarized ; Foods to avoid -- 3. Make your teeth strong with fat-soluble vitamins : How teeth remineralize 101 ; Hormones and tooth decay ; The pituitary gland ; The thyroid gland ; Sex glands ; Balancing your glands ; Cholesterol ; The miracle of vitamin D ; Vital fat-soluble vitamin A ; Vitamins A and D from foods ; Cod liver oil heals cavities ; The best cod liver oil ; Weston Price's activator X ; High nutrient butter sources ; More fat-soluble vitamin sources: bone marrow, brain, kidneys, and glands ; Organs and glands sources ; Organs from the water ; Extremely effective fermented skate liver oil ; Fat-soluble vitamin summary --

4. Remineralize your teeth with wise food choices : The town without a toothache ; Deceptive labeling ; Pasteurization kills milk ; Obtaining raw milk ; Non-dairy options and calcium alternatives ; Good soup heals your teeth ; Blood sugar ; Fruit ; Sweeteners ; Safe sweeteners in moderation ; Refined sweeteners can damage your teeth ; Protein for your teeth ; Protein assimilation ; Protein balance ; Low quality proteins ; Protein powders ; Phosphorus ; Fermented foods & enzymes ; Vegetables for minerals ; Are grains the hidden reason for many modern diseases including tooth cavities? ; The anti-scorbutic vitamin and your teeth and gums ; The effect of oats on children's teeth ; Problems with unfermented grains ; LSD in whole grains? ; The effects of soaking and sprouting on phytic acid ; Grain bran and fiber ; Indigenous people's fermentation of grain ; Rye, wheat, spelt, kamut, and barley ; Healthy oats ; Healthy rice ; Healthy corn ; Characteristics of indigenous people's grain preparation ; Phytic acid content of popular foods ; Safe grains guidelines ; Low phytic acid, and low lectin grains ; Eating grains at home ; Quinoa and buckwheat ; Grain detoxification ; Beans ; Bean suggestions ; Breakfast cereals and granola ; Nuts and nut butters ; Nut suggestions ; Trace minerals repair cavities ; Do multi-vitamins fight tooth decay? ; Soy products ; Fake milks ; Nightshades ; Potatoes ; Organic food is better ; Healthy fats ; Dangerous fats ; Hidden monosodium glutamate ; Sweet drinks ; Health food bars, energy bars and tooth decay ; Addictive substances ; Prescription drugs, reecreational drugs and your teeth ; Thanks giving -- 5. Nutrition protocols that remineralize and repair cavities : Nature's rules for healing teeth ; Remineralize your teeth with diet ; Balanced tooth decay remineralizing program ; Food intake suggestions ; Foods to avoid in all protocols ; The "one-amazing-meal-a-day" protocol ; Food intake suggestions ; Tips for going out to eat ; Advanced tooth decay healing ; Daily food intake ; Healing tooth cavities on a vegetarian diet ; Daily food intake ; Self care ; Common mistakes made by people who think they are eating a healthy diet ; Cleansing and fasting ; Heal your teeth in six weeks or less --

6. Stop cavities with your next meal recipes and meal plans : Tooth decay healing diets that worked ; Examples of dishes from the sea ; Examples of dishes from the land ; Sea food sample menu ; Recipes for healing your teeth ; Bone broth recipe ; Bieler's soup ; Eggnog tooth-strengthening formula ; Spicy steak tartare for fighting tooth infections ; Fish head soup ; Ayurvedic green drink ; Poke (pronounced POH-kay) fish salad ; Cooking suggestions ; Preparing grains so that they do not cause cavities or disease ; Phytase content of grains ; Phytic acid removal summary ; Vibrant sourdough ; Oat preparation ; Quinoa preparation and phytic acid removal ; Preparing brown rice without phytic acid -- 7. Healthy gums lead to healthy teeth : Dental plaque and gum disease ; Gum disease, bleeding, swollen gums and fat-soluble vitamins ; Gum disease, vitamin C, and scurvy ; The amazing blotting technique and healing gum disease naturally ; How to blot at home ; Sea salt for your gums ; Herbal treatments for gum disease ; Oil pulling for your teeth and gums ; Healing gum disease program -- 8. Dentistry and its high price : Toxic dentistry ; Diseases and mercury ; What to do about current mercury fillings? ; Mercury fillings lead to crowns and root canals ; More dental dangers from toxic dentistry ; Battery mouth ; Gold fillings and crowns ; Nickel and stainless steel ; Procelain as a dental material ; Safer filling materials ; Finding a good dentist ; Finding a dentist to work with diet ; Minimally invasive dentistry ; Getting a second opinion ; Taking charge at the dentist's office ; Cavities and x-rays ; The dental code of silence ; Root canals ; Why people have tooth infections ; What a root canal procedure accomplishes ; Should you remove a root canalled tooth? ; Safer root canals and avoiding root canals at the dental office ; Does your tooth need a root canal? ; How to heal tooth inflammation or tooth infection (tooth abscess) and avoid that root canal (these guidelines are not for children) ; Understanding tooth infections ; Tooth infection topical treatments ; Focal infections ; Tooth extractions because of infections ; Dental implants ; Dental abuse ; Do I have a cavity? Understanding tooth decay ; Monitoring tooth decay and tooth remineralization ; Understanding tooth remineralization ; How to treat your decayed tooth ; Specific examples of how to treat tooth decay ; Still not sure? Talk to your tooth ; The vicious cycle and tooth decay ; The hidden need to be sick ; Busting the myth that food-stuck-on-teeth causes cavities ; Tooth care ; Healing tooth pain ; Dental sealants ; Teeth cleaning at the dentist ; Teeth whitening at the dentist's and at home ; Natural tooth whitening ; Brushing, flossing and toothpaste ; Toxic toothpaste ; Natural tooth cleaners ; Tooth brushing ; Tooth and gum healing ; Flossing ; The fluoride deception ; Tooth decay is not an infectious disease ; Moving beyond painful dentistry --

9. Your bite: a hidden cause of cavities, a fresh look at orthodontics and TMJ : A fresh look at orthodontics and TMJ ; Your ideal jaw position and enjoyment of life ; Genetics versus intercepted heredity ; Why teeth are crowded and wisdom teeth are misaligned ; Your bite and TMJ pain, night grinding, and tooth decay ; Root canals, tooth infections and your bite ; The "feel good" substance P ; Your bite and your vitality ; How TMJ and bite affect cavities, tooth infections and toothaches ; Profound effects of TMJ dysfunction and a bad bite ; Orthodontics ; Dental orthopedics focuses on normal development ; Conventional orthodontic practices damage faces ; Orthodontics does not address the physiological cause of crooked teeth ; Functional orthopedics ; Craniopathy ; Jaw alignment through body work ; Functional appliances and practitioners ; Functional dental appliance goals ; Finding a functional orthopedist ; The end of braces ; The wisdom of keeping your wisdom teeth ; Regaining your dental health -- 10. Your teeth can heal naturally! : The evidence and proof that cavities can remineralize and heal ; Curing tooth decay: parting words ; Get support ; Support with specific dental issues ; Book readers' e-mail list ; Give support ; Healthy teeth are your birthright -- Remineralize and repair your child's tooth cavities naturally : The depths of despair ; From fear to faith, from suffering to peace ; Feel your pain ; Intention 195 ; Peer pressure ; Cosmetic appearance ; Truth & knowledge ; Children's tooth decay is not an easy road for most ; Treating children's tooth decay naturally ; Surgery on children for tooth decay? ; Surgery with general anesthesia is not an effective treatment ; Toxic dentistry in children's mouths ; England's dentists say, "no benefits, no proof, and no evidence" to support ANY dental treatment on painless baby teeth ; Healing early childhood tooth decay naturally ; Dental treatments for infants', toddlers' and young children's teeth ; Dental treatments on older children's teeth ; Why do children have cavities? ; Weak teeth from birth ; Dietary keys for remineralizing tooth decay in young children ; A food guide for halting childhood tooth decay ; Fat-soluble vitamins every day ; Excellent foods ; Balancing foods ; Foods to avoid ; Foods to limit and be aware of ; Whole grains and childhood tooth decay ; Severe tooth decay and children ; Tooth infections and tooth pain ; Moderate tooth decay in children ; Junk foods in schools, at parties and gatherings ; Grains you can feed your children ; Vegetarian children ; Dairy-free diets for children ; Feeding children who won't eat good food ; Vaccines promote tooth decay ; How to prevent cavities in babies ; What you can expect from nutritional treatments ; Monitoring your child's tooth decay ; Children's dentists ; Topical care for infants' and children's teeth ; A little more about early childhood tooth decay ; Homeopathic cell salts ; Pregnancy and cavities ; Breastfeeding and cavities ; Close your baby's mouth at night ; Fathers and tooth decay ; Final thoughts on remineralizing your child's tooth decay.
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Forget about drilling, filling, and the inevitable billing. Your teeth can heal naturally because they were never designed to decay in the first place! They were designed to remain strong and healthy for your entire life. But the false promises of conventional dentistry have led us down the wrong path, leading to invasive surgical treatments that include fillings, crowns, root canals and dental implants. Now there is a natural way to take control of your dental health by changing the food that you eat. Cure Tooth Decay is based upon the pioneering nutritional program of dentist Weston Price, former head of research at the National Dental Association. Dr. Price's program proved to be 90-95% or more effective in remineralizing tooth cavities utilizing only nutritional improvements in the diet. Cure Tooth Decay is the result of five years of research and trial and error that started as one father's journey to cure his daughter's rapidly progressing tooth decay. With Cure Tooth Decay you will join the thousands of people who have learned how to remineralize teeth, eliminate tooth pain or sensitivity, avoid root canals, stop cavities -- sometimes instantaneously, regrow secondary dentin, form new tooth enamel, avoid or minimize gum loss, heal and repair tooth infections, only use dental treatments when medically necessary, save your mouth (and your pocketbook) from thousands of dollars of unneeded dental procedures, and increase your overall health and vitality. Cure Tooth Decay provides you with clear and easy to understand dental facts to help you make healthy, life-affirming choices about your dental health. It is about healing cavities without dental surgery or fluoride. Cure Tooth Decay highlights include: conventional dentistry's losing war against bacteria, why people fear the dentist and what you can do about it, the power of butter to heal teeth, the difference between healthy and unhealthy fats, specific dietary and meal plans that highlight the types of foods to eat every day to remineralize teeth, a simple cavity-healing program that is easy to follow, the cause of dental plaque and an amazing technique to reverse gum disease, safe dental filling materials, how to find a good minimally invasive dentist, how to prevent root canals, how to monitor tooth decay at home, toxic vs. non-toxic tooth cleaners, your bite: a hidden cause of cavities, understanding ideal jaw position and TMJ dysfunction, how to save your wisdom teeth, x-ray proof that cavities can heal, how to heal children's cavities and find peace, why women get cavities during pregnancy and how to stop it, and so much more.Real Testimonial Highlights: Dr. Timothy Gallagher, president of the Holistic Dental Association says, "Cure Tooth Decay is treasure-trove of wisdom as it takes the mystery out of dental health." Mike, Oregon. - "The practical advice in this book really seems to be reversing my tooth decay!!! Halleluiah, brother!!!" Pam Killeen, NY Times bestselling author. - "The protocol in this book is very effective for preventing and mineralizing cavities." David, Idaho. - "This is a very different type of health book, written from the heart. The dietary advice put forth in this book is not only crucial for preventing tooth decay but for preserving the health of the human race." Leroy, Utah. - "Thanks a million to Ramiel Nagel for writing this book. Unbelievable!" Willis, England. - "I am reading your book as fast as I can; it is a real jaw-dropper! Amazing!" E. Cohen, Florida. - "My teeth have actually re-enameled over the brown spots quite a bit -- I definitely have had regrowth."