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Call it street literature or urban drama -- we call it hip-hop literature. This exciting genre features fast-paced action, gritty ghetto realism, and social messages about the high price of the street life style. The interest level and the pace at which urban literature crosses over to multimedia is increasing as urban literature offers new and exciting content that caters to a growing demographic of Latino population, African Americans, and hip hop music fans.

Lipstick Diaries 3 presents some of the best female storytellers in fiction today including Jasmine Clemente, Kisha Green, Melissa Castillo-Garsow, Tracee Hanna, Renarda Huggins, Fabiola Joseph, and many more.

From coming-of-age stories to gangster tales, sexual fantasies and the dramas of love and romance--these stories ring true of personal experience and deep fantasy. Lipstick Diaries 3 is a page-turner that will excite, marvel, thrill and tickle the fantasies of readers everywhere.

Author Notes

Anthony Augustus Whyte grew up in the Bronx, graduated from Lehman College and worked as a child welfare investigator/caseworker. His writing includes over 13 books, including the highly successful young adult series, Ghetto Girls . Along with his business partner Jason Claiborne they founded Augustus Books in 2005. A health and fitness writer, Whyte is also editor-at-large for Heart & Soul magazine. He lives in New York City.