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Heaven : my Father's house
Lotz, Anne Graham, 1948- , author.
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Nashville, Tennessee : W Publishing Group, an imprint of Thomas Nelson, [2014]
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xiv, 143 pages ; 19 cm
Offers words of inspiration and hope that encourage readers to face their time on earth with confidence, knowing that a place in Heaven awaits them.
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Now with 250K copies in print! Revised and Updated Edition. Anne affirms that Heaven truly is the home of your dreams: a home of lasting value that's fully paid for and filled with family, where you will be wanted and welcomed. Best of all, Heaven is a home you are invited to claim as your own.

With over 40 percent new and revised content, Anne Graham Lotz has updated her classic book on Heaven for a whole new generation of readers, and also for herself. With her father, mother, and husband now gone, Lotz beautifully adds her own vulnerability and stories to the journey contained in Heaven: My Father's House.

Jesus promised us, "In My Father's house are many rooms...I am going there to prepare a place for you." Amid the turbulence of today's world, we cling to the hope of a heavenly home where we will be welcomed into eternal peace and safety. Anne affirms that Heaven truly is the home of your dreams: a home of lasting value that's fully paid for and filled with family, where you will be wanted and welcomed. Best of all, Heaven is a home you are invited to claim as your own.

Author Notes

Anne Graham Lotz was born on May 21, 1948 in Montreat, North Carolina. She is the daughter of evangelist Billy Graham and Ruth Graham. Her revival ministry was launched in 2000 and she has spoken in more than twenty foreign countries. She has been awarded six honorary doctorates for her extensive work in the area of Bible study and exposition. Currently she is the president and CEO of AnGeL Ministries.

She is the author of over eleven books. Four of her books received the Gold Medallion Book Award from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association, Just Give me Jesus, The Vision of his Glory, My Heart's Cry and God's Story. Her 2016 New York Times Bestseller is entitled The Daniel Prayer: Prayer That Moves Heaven and Changes Nations.

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CHAPTER ONE:Looking Forward to Heaven Knowing where you are going takes the uncertainty out of getting there. "For I know the plans I have for you,"declares the Lord,"plans to prosper you and not to harm you,plans to give you hope and a future." -Jeremiah 29:11 D eath is the great equalizer, isn'tit? It doesn't matter if we have lived on this earth as: young or old rich or poor famous or unknown educated or ignorant powerful or weak religious or atheistic athletic or crippled healthy or sickly happy or depressed . . . we all die. Still, death can come as an utterly unexpected surprise. More than fivethousand men and women went to work at the World Trade Center in New YorkCity on September 11, 2001, and began what they thought was just anotherroutine day at the office. Many of them had likely gotten a cup of coffee,sat down at their desks, rolled up their sleeves, booted up their computers,and begun placing telephone calls. None of them had any indication thatwithin the hour they would step into eternity. For them, death came asa thief in the night. For others, death can come as a longed-for and welcomed relief. Withina three-week period, while I was in the midst of writing this book, I attendedboth the funeral of my husband's beloved brother, John Lotz, and the funeralof my father's associate T. W. Wilson, who was like a second father tome. John died as a result of a fast-growing, malignant brain tumor. "UncleT" died from massive heart failure at the grand old age of eighty-two.For both John and Uncle T, death came as an angel of mercy. Regardless of how or when it comes, death does come for each of us.And each of us wonders: When will it come for my loved one? What will itbe like for me? For the past thirteen years I have traveled all over the world in responseto invitations to give out God's Word. There have been times, such as myfirst visit to India, when I have started out by climbing onto the planewith my stomach churning, my knees knocking, and my heart fibrillating-terrifiedbecause I was not sure where I was going, or who would meet me at the journey'send. But what a difference there has been in my attitude when I have hadthe opportunity for a second visit to that same place. I have left homewith peace in my heart because I knew where I was going and who would meetme at the journey's end. In the same way, the prospect of death can fillyou and me with terror and dread-unless we know where we are going. Knowingas much as we can about our final destination, and Who will meet us atthe end of life's journey, takes the fear out of getting there. Hope for Today Picture an old man, living on a remote island. He is about ninetyyears of age, and he knows it will soon be his time to die. Like many elderlypeople today, he is isolated and lonely, cut off from family and friendsat the very time of his life when he most needs them. He is frail and weak,facing the great unknown of eternity. As incredible as it may seem, this man was one of the twelve originaldisciples of Jesus Christ. In fact, as one of the closest personal friendsJesus had, he was described as the "beloved disciple." This was the apostle John, previously just a fisherman from Galilee.He and his brother James were the sons of Zebedee who earlier had beencalled the sons of thunder because they had such fiery tempers. But bythe end of the first century, John was one of the most respected of allthe disciples. And he paid a high price for his well-known and outspokenrelationship with the One he believed to be the Messiah, the Son of God,Jesus of Nazareth. Exiled to the island of Patmos in the midst of the Aegean Sea, the apostleJohn knew he would be facing death in the not-too-distant future. Thiswas the very moment in time when God chose to give John a vision of theglory of Jesus Christ! This vision included a tantalizing glimpse intoHeaven, where one day God Himself will live forever with His people. Thisglorious vision has been recorded in the final book of the Bible, Revelation,because John was commanded to write down what he saw. The vision was tobe not only for his own personal comfort and encouragement but for allpeople down through the centuries who, when facing daily challenges, extraordinarycircumstances, or even when plunging to certain death, could do so withcourage and with hop e. Hope for Tomorrow Are you facing the future with eyes wide shut, teeth clenched, bodytensed, dreading your tomorrows and what they may hold? Do you feel asthough you are standing on the brink of a deep, dark abyss of helplessnessand despair, caught up in events involving yourself or your loved onesthat are beyond your control? Regardless of what those events may be, no matter your mental or emotionalor spiritual state, God's vision of the future can fill you with hope rightnow . . . If you are elderly like John, If you are facing death, If you are lonely, If you are isolated, If you are cut off from friends and family, If you are in emotional or mental or physical pain, If you are facing the greatest unknown of your life, If you are hopeless for any reason . . . or If you have a loved one who is elderlylike John, If you have a loved one who is facing death, If you have a loved one who is lonely, If you have a loved one who is isolated, If you have a loved one who feels cut off from friends and family, If you have a loved one in emotional, mental, or physical pain, If you have a loved one who is facing thegreatest unknown of his or her life, If you have a loved one who is hopeless for anyreason . . . or If you are spending time in a doctor's office or a hospital waiting room, If Alzheimer's has you trapped in a longgood-bye or if divorce has you trapped in a living death, If you are going to a memorial service or you have been to a funeral, If you have wept at a gravesite or shed tears in the night, If you hear gunfire in the dark, or unknown footsteps on the walk, If you are an unemployed worker facinganother day, or just a weary parent whose spouseis away . . . or If you are a doctor or nurse, a caregiver or a funeral director, If you are an orphan or a widow, a single parent or a minority, If you live in poverty or obscurity, prison or pain, If you have been beaten or bound, bruised or broken, If you are disabled or abused, abandoned or accused, If you are lonely or confused, wondering or worrying, If you are despised or rejected, helpless or homeless . . . . . . then it is vitally important for you to be prepared for that momentin time when you step into eternity! As I contemplate the deaths of my loved ones-and yours . . . As I contemplate our loss and the empty void in our hearts left by theirabsence . . . . I am more grateful than ever that this life is not all there is! Praise God! You and I can look forward WITH HOPE! because we have theblessed assurance of Heaven, My Father's House! Excerpted from Heaven: My Father's House by Anne Graham Lotz All rights reserved by the original copyright owners. Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher.

Table of Contents

Prefacep. vii
Heaven on My Mind
Forewordp. ix
A personal word for you from my father ... and from my heavenly Father.
Looking Forward to Heavenp. 1
Knowing where you are going takes the uncertainty out of getting there.
A Home in Heavenp. 11
My Father's House is a home prepared especially for you.
The Home of Your Dreamsp. 29
My Father's House is the home you have always wanted.
A Home That Is Safep. 45
My Father's House will keep you and your loved ones from all harm and danger.
A Home You Can Never Losep. 57
My Father's House is built to last.
A Home of Lasting Valuep. 67
My Father's House is a good investment.
A Home That's Paid forp. 81
My Father Himself has paid off the House.
A Home Filled With Familyp. 91
In My FatherÆs House, we will live with Him forever.
A Home You Are Invited to Claim As Your Ownp. 105
The invitation to My Father's House is extended to all, but you must RSVP.
He's Left the Light On ... for Youp. 127
Your Father is waiting to welcome you home-unconditionally!
Getting Ready to Movep. 133
The End Is Really the Beginning
Notesp. 139