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Yoga XXL : a journey to health for bigger people
Kollak, Ingrid.
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New York : Demos Health, [2013]
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xvii, 254 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
Provides a guide to yoga for people of any size, including information about equipment, postures, and daily routines.

Everyone can experience yoga's health benefits, which include increased flexibility, strength, stamina, balance, energy, and calm. Kollak shows you how to create a safe, enjoyable, and effective yoga practice no matter what your age, size, shape, or physical fitness level. She includes information about equipment, postures, and daily routines.
pt. I. How to use this book. 1. Yoga is for everybody : Healthy yogis come in all sizes ; How yoga works ; Body awareness ; Self-awareness and self-reliance -- 2. Getting started : General notes of caution ; Breathing and moving ; Clothing and equipment ; Finding the right yoga class ; Develop your own yoga practice ; Keeping a personal journal ; The structure of this book ; Yoga is joy -- pt. II. Yoga for people with bigger bodies. 3. Postures lying on the back (supine) : Supine starting posture ; Shanti asana ; Lying palm tree posture ; Lying tree posture ; Modified crocodile posture ; Hip joint rotation ; Supine knee rotation ; Knees to chest ; Supine arms and legs stretch ; Spider posture ; Shoulder bridge -- 4. Postures lying on the side : Leg lift sideways ; Head lift sideways -- 5. Postures lying on the stomach (prone) : Prone arms and legs stretch ; Prone shanti asana ; Sphinx posture ; Cobra posture ; Lying bow posture -- 6. Seated postures and bows : Staff posture ; Seated posture on a chair ; Head to knee ; Modified turtle posture ; Head bow sideways ; Fish posture ; Modified table posture -- 7. Seated postures and rotations : Head rotation ; Head and arm coordination ; Arm rotation with outstretched arms ; Arm rotation with bent arms ; Hand lotus posture -- 8. Kneeling postures : Sitting on the heels ; Cow posture ; Tiger posture ; Threading the needle posture ; Torso rotation ; Child posture ; Child and tiger posture ; Modified folded leaf posture ; Modified side rest -- 9. Standing postures and bows : Upright standing posture ; Hero 2 posture ; Modified mountain posture ; Triangle in motion ; Half moon posture ; Hero 1 posture ; Stargazer ; Standing bow posture -- 10. Standing postures with rotations : Torso rotation ; Hip rotation ; Knee rotation ; Twisted triangle posture -- Balancing postures : Palm tree posture ; Tree posture ; Modified hero 3 posture -- 12. Inversions : Modified shoulder stand ; Legs up the wall -- 13. Eye exercises : Focus near and far ; The lying eight ; Cupping and blinking -- 14. Pranayama : Alternate nostril breathing ; Tiger breathing ; Camel posture ; Great gesture -- 15. Relaxing postures : Kaya kriya ; Yoga nidra -- 16. Awareness and meditation : Walking meditation ; Meditation on your body ; Mantra meditation ; Sound meditation ; Visual meditation ; Silence in the stream of your thoughts.

pt. III. Postures in flowing motion. 17. Swinging arms : Triangle in motion ; Arm lift ; Arm rotation ; Repeat posture 2, arm lift ; Folded hands -- 18. Fancy leg and footwork : Chair posture with folded hands ; Chair posture with splayed fingers ; Chair posture with outstretched arms ; Forward bow with stretched knees -- Arm and leg coordination : Hero 2 ; Folded arms in standing position ; Crossed legs and folded hands -- pt. IV. Routines to help you develop a daily yoga practice. Enjoy yoga every day -- Notes of caution -- Remember -- Have a quick look -- 20. To wake up : Knees to chest ; Dorsal knee rotation ; Torso rotation ; Palm tree posture -- 21. To relieve tension : Head rotation ; Arm rotation with bent arms ; Hand lotus ; Hip rotation ; Knee rotation -- 22. To recharge : Alternate nostril breathing ; Hero 2 posture ; Hero 1 posture -- 23. To sleep well : Legs up the wall ; Crocodile posture ; Yoga nidra.

How to use this book. Yoga is for everybody ; Getting started -- Yoga for people with bigger bodies -- Postures in flowing motion -- Routines to help you develop a daily yoga practice.
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Yoga XXL shows you how to create a safe, enjoyable, and effective yoga practice no matter what your age, size, shape, or physical fitness level. Yoga is not just for the lean and limber. With modified postures and props, everyone can experience yoga's many health benefits including increased flexibility, strength, stamina, balance, energy, and calm.

For the person who has never done yoga before or the regular practitioner looking to refine their practice at home, Yoga XXL includes:

Practical information about clothing, mats, and equipment Over 50 postures in a variety of positions including seated, lying down, and standing, chosen specifically for people with larger bodies and those with limited mobility Variations to accommodate every body shape, size, and fitness level to ensure comfort and safety Postures to ease back aches, tight muscles, and joint stiffness Quick daily routines to help recharge and relieve stress throughout the day Detailed instructions and photos illustrating each pose, and much more.

With Yoga XXL you'll have everything you need to bring yoga - and more health and wellness - into your daily life immediately.

Author Notes

Ingrid Kollak, RN, PhD, is a licensed yoga teacher accredited by the German and European professional boards of yoga teachers and has taught yoga in settings as varied as tranquil Indian retreats and international conferences. She has been a professor at Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences (ASH) in Berlin since 1995. She is responsible for the Health Care Management bachelor's and master's programs and since 2010 has led the Biographical and Creative Writing masters program. She holds a doctorate in German literature and is a registered nurse. Her books include Nursing Theories, Yoga for Nurses, and Yoga and Breast Cancer.

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Library Journal Review

How many overweight people have wanted to begin an exercise program but have been discouraged by the photographs showing sylphlike models doing impossible things? Kollak (Alice Salomon Univ. of Applied Sciences, Berlin), a licensed yoga teacher and registered nurse, addresses this problem. This excellent book depicts real women performing yoga postures, some with modifications for limited reach, providing a much more accessible program than is often found. Kollak explains and illustrates postures and mentions various physical problems that these positions might alleviate. The reader is encouraged to create a personalized routine. Testimonials describe improved health and energy as well as lowered blood pressure. This work should appeal to larger women, but it would also be helpful for those with other limitations, such as arthritis. VERDICT Comprehensive and well done. Recommended.-Susan B. Hagloch, formerly with Tuscarawas Cty. P.L., New Philadelphia, OH (c) Copyright 2013. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

Table of Contents

Linda Bacon, PhD
Forewordp. xv
Acknowledgmentsp. xvii
Part I How to use this Book
Chapter 1 Yoga Is For Everybodyp. 3
Healthy Yogis Come in All Sizesp. 4
How Yoga Worksp. 5
Body Awarenessp. 6
Self-Awareness and Self-Reliancep. 6
Chapter 2 Getting Startedp. 7
General Notes of Cautionp. 8
Breathing and Movingp. 8
Clothing and Equipmentp. 9
Finding the Right Yoga Classp. 9
Develop Your Own Yoga Practicep. 10
Keeping a Personal Journalp. 11
The Structure of This Bookp. 13
Yoga is Joyp. 15
Part II Yoga for People with Bigger Bodies
Chapter 3 Postures Lying on the Back (Supine)p. 19
Supine Starting Posturep. 20
Shanti Asanap. 23
Lying Palm Tree Posturep. 26
Lying Tree Posturep. 28
Modified Crocodile Posturep. 30
Hip Joint Rotationp. 32
Supine Knee Rotationp. 34
Knees to Chestp. 36
Supine Arms and Legs Stretchp. 38
Spider Posturep. 41
Shoulder Bridgep. 43
Chapter 4 Postures Lying on the Sidep. 47
Leg Lift Sidewaysp. 48
Head Lift Sidewaysp. 51
Chapter 5 Postures Lying on the Stomach (Prone)p. 53
Prone Arms and Legs Stretchp. 54
Prone Shanti Asanap. 56
Sphinx Posturep. 57
Cobra Posturep. 58
Lying Bow Posturep. 61
Chapter 6 Seated Postures and Bowsp. 63
Staff Posturep. 64
Seated Posture on a Chairp. 67
Head to Kneep. 68
Modified Turtle Posturep. 70
Head Bow Sidewaysp. 73
Fish Posturep. 75
Modified Table Posturep. 77
Chapter 7 Seated Postures and Rotationsp. 79
Head Rotationp. 80
Head and Arm Coordinationp. 82
Arm Rotation with Outstretched Armsp. 84
Arm Rotation with Bent Armsp. 86
Hand Lotus Posturep. 88
Chapter 8 Kneeling Posturesp. 91
Sitting on the Heelsp. 92
Cow Posturep. 94
Tiger Posturep. 96
Threading the Needle Posturep. 98
Torso Rotationp. 99
Child Posturep. 101
Child and Tiger Posturep. 103
Modified Folded Leaf Posturep. 104
Modified Side Restp. 105
Chapter 9 Standing Postures and Bowsp. 107
Upright Standing Posturep. 108
Hero 2 Posturep. 110
Modified Mountain Posturep. 112
Triangle in Motionp. 114
Half Moon Posturep. 115
Hero 1 Posturep. 117
Stargazerp. 119
Standing Bow Posturep. 121
Chapter 10 Standing Postures with Rotationsp. 123
Torso Rotationp. 124
Hip Rotationp. 127
Knee Rotationp. 129
Twisted Triangle Posturep. 131
Chapter 11 Balancing Posturesp. 133
Palm Tree Posturep. 134
Tree Posturep. 136
Modified Hero 3 Posturep. 138
Chapter 12 Inversionsp. 141
Modified Shoulder Standp. 142
Legs Up the Wallp. 145
Chapter 13 Eye Exercisesp. 147
Focus Near and Farp. 148
The Lying Eightp. 150
Cupping and Blinkingp. 152
Chapter 14 Pranayamap. 155
Alternate Nostril Breathingp. 156
Tiger Breathingp. 159
Camel Posturep. 161
Great Gesturep. 163
Chapter 15 Relaxing Posturesp. 165
Kaya Kriyap. 166
Yoga Nidrap. 168
Chapter 16 Awareness and Meditationp. 171
Walking Meditationp. 173
Meditation on Your Bodyp. 174
Mantra Meditationp. 175
Sound Meditationp. 176
Visual Meditationp. 177
Silence in the Stream of Your Thoughtsp. 178
Part III Postures in Flowing Motion
Chapter 17 Swinging Armsp. 181
Posture 1 Triangle in Motionp. 182
Posture 2 Arm Liftp. 183
Posture 3 Arm Rotationp. 185
Posture 4 Repeat Posture 2, Arm Liftp. 186
Posture 5 Folded Handsp. 187
Chapter 18 Fancy Leg and Footworkp. 189
Posture 1 Chair Posture with Folded Handsp. 190
Posture 2 Chair Posture with Splayed Fingersp. 191
Posture 3 Chair Posture with Outstretched Armsp. 192
Posture 4 Forward Bow with Stretched Kneesp. 193
Chapter 19 Arm and Leg Coordinationp. 195
Posture 1 Hero 2p. 196
Posture 2 Folded Arms in Standing Positionp. 199
Posture 3 Crossed Legs and Folded Handsp. 201
Part IV Routines to help you Develop a Daily Yoga Practice
Enjoy Yoga Every Dayp. 204
Notes of Cautionp. 204
Rememberp. 204
Have a Quick Lookp. 205
Chapter 20 To Wake Upp. 207
Knees to Chestp. 208
Dorsal Knee Rotationp. 210
Torso Rotationp. 212
Palm Tree Posturep. 214
Chapter 21 To Relieve Tensionp. 217
Head Rotationp. 218
Arm Rotation with Bent Armsp. 220
Hand Lotusp. 222
Hip Rotationp. 224
Knee Rotationp. 226
Chapter 22 To Rechargep. 229
Alternate Nostril Breathingp. 230
Hero 2 Posturep. 232
Hero 1 Posturep. 233
Chapter 23 To Sleep Wellp. 235
Legs Up the Wallp. 236
Crocodile Posturep. 237
Yoga Nidrap. 238
Resources and Recommended Readingp. 241
Notesp. 247
Indexp. 249