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Fast diets for dummies
Petrucci, Kellyann, author.
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Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2014]
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x, 298 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Fasting is a part-time weight loss program with lifelong health and anti-aging results. Get expert advice and helpful tips on how to incorporate fasting into your lifestyle.
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Includes index.
Introduction -- Getting started with fast diets -- Identifying practical fasting practices -- Your launch pad to fasting: your kitchen and recipes -- Incorporating lifestyle practices for success -- The part of tens.
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Lose weight with the Fast Diets? Easy!

Over the last few decades, food fads have come and gone, but the standard medical advice on what constitutes a healthy lifestyle has stayed much the same: eat low-fat foods, exercise more, and never, ever skip meals. Yet, over that same period, levels of obesity worldwide have soared.nbsp; So is there a different, evidence-based approach?

Yes!nbsp; Fast Diets are the revolutionary part-time weight loss programs with lifelong health and anti-aging results. Fast Diets For Dummies is your hands-on, friendly guide to achieving weight loss, without having to endlessly deprive yourself. Inside, you'll get the lowdown on easily incorporating one or all of these unique dietary programs into your busy life. You will get the lowdown on tackling the most popular fasting diets such as:nbsp; The Fast Diet (5-2 Diet), Intermittent Fasting, Micro-Fasting, and One Meal a Day (Warrior Diet). It offers you information and tips on how to incorporate these unique and popular dietary programs into your busy daily life.nbsp;nbsp;

How and why the benefits of these fasting diets go well beyond weight loss Fast diets dos and don'ts How to get started and everything you nbsp;need to know to help you along the way Over fifty 500- and 600- calorie meals that are quick and easy to make

Author Notes

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, author and nutritionist, appears on various news streams nationally and conducts workshops and seminars worldwide to help people feel - and look - their best. She is also the author of the popular website and gives daily news, tips and inspiration on twitter @drkellyann.
Patrick Flynn, a fitness minimalist, is the coauthor of Paleo Workouts For Dummies, and the driving force behind a top 500 Health and Wellness blog

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
About This Bookp. 1
Foolish Assumptionsp. 2
Icons Used in This Bookp. 3
Beyond the Bookp. 3
Where to Go from Herep. 4
Part I Getting Started with Fast Dietsp. 5
Chapter 1 Fasting - Nature's Ultimate Fat-Burning Secret Weaponp. 7
Getting a Better Idea of What Fasting Really Isp. 8
Identifying the positive effects of fastingp. 8
Examining how it worksp. 9
Understanding the best way to go about itp. 10
Figuring Out Why People Should Fastp. 12
Losing weight equals calorie restrictionp. 12
Burning calories becomes easierp. 13
Determining who should and shouldn't fastp. 14
Asking Yourself Whether It's Right for Youp. 15
Chapter 2 Navigating the Science of Fastingp. 19
Losing Fat and Gaining Musclep. 20
Burning more body fatp. 20
Making muscle gain easierp. 21
Improving Brain Function and Productivityp. 23
Regenerating the brainp. 23
Increasing your productivityp. 24
Boosting Your Immunity to Live Longerp. 25
Extending your life expectancyp. 25
Warding off diseasep. 26
Focusing on Your Energy Level and Exercisep. 29
Increasing your energyp. 29
Amplifying the effects of exercisep. 30
Debunking Common Fasting Mythsp. 31
Slowing your metabolismp. 32
Gaining the weight back after eatingp. 33
Having lower energy without foodp. 34
Eating Healthy When You're Not Fastingp. 34
Understanding the glycemic indexp. 35
Eating like a cavemanp. 36
Tracking Your Health Progressp. 38
Weighing yourselfp. 39
Testing your body fatp. 39
Calculating your body mass index (BMI)p. 40
Taking selfies: Grab your camerap. 41
Considering other benchmarksp. 42
Chapter 3 Tapping Into a Successful Fasting Mindsetp. 43
Determining Whether Fasting Is Right For Youp. 44
Eyeing the pros and cons of fastingp. 44
Setting realistic expectations and goalsp. 46
Thinking long term, not shortp. 47
Identifying the Fasting Mindsetp. 48
Abolishing a negative mindsetp. 48
Establishing the habit of successp. 49
Making Fasting Workp. 51
Keeping your mind focused elsewherep. 51
Committing yourself 100 percentp. 52
Managing your hungerp. 53
Planning Ahead for Potential Pitfalls and Slip-upsp. 54
Leaving a Fast Early: How to Do So Sensiblyp. 56
Part II Identifying Practical Fasting Practicesp. 57
Chapter 4 Dieting Sporadically: Intermittent Fastingp. 59
Figuring Out What Intermittent Fasting Really Isp. 59
Seeing the Pros and Cons to Intermittent Fastingp. 60
Highlighting the prosp. 61
Considering the consp. 62
Grasping the Ins and Outs of Intermittent Fastingp. 62
Being successful with your intermittent fastp. 63
Figuring out the best times to fastp. 63
Knowing when not to fastp. 64
Identifying What You Can and Can't Eatp. 65
Consuming noncaloric drinksp. 66
Including supplementsp. 67
Staying clear of foods with caloriesp. 67
Coming off of the Fast: What Can You Eat?p. 70
Journaling what you eatp. 71
Selecting healthful and nutritious foodp. 71
Planning your eating ahead of timep. 72
Chapter 5 Taking a Different Approach: The 5:2 Dietp. 75
Spelling Out What the 5:2 Diet Isp. 75
Uncovering this diet's characteristicsp. 76
Grasping the importance of the glycemic index on the 5:2 Dietp. 77
Naming the Upsides and Downsides to the 5:2 Dietp. 79
The pros of the 5:2 Dietp. 79
And the consp. 81
Figuring Out What You Can Eatp. 81
Sticking to 500 or 600 caloriesp. 82
Eating on nonfasting daysp. 84
Identifying the No-No Foodsp. 85
Knowing When to Fast and Not to Fastp. 87
Figuring out what days and times to fastp. 87
Identifying who shouldn't do the 5:2 Dietp. 88
Chapter 6 Micro-Fasting: The No-Breakfast Solutionp. 89
Tackling the Pros and Consp. 90
Discovering the Truth about Breakfastp. 92
Including Micro-Fasting in Your Lifep. 93
Identifying the ideal times to eatp. 94
Recognizing what you can eatp. 95
Timing Your Exercise with Micro-Fastingp. 96
Knowing What Types of Exercise Are Best When You're Micro-Fastingp. 97
Sprintingp. 97
Lifting heavyp. 98
Diving Into Micro-Fasting - One Dayp. 99
Chapter 7 Eating One Meal a Day: The Warrior Dietp. 101
Explaining What the Warrior Diet Is: No Swords or Shields Requiredp. 101
Comparing Undereating and Overeatingp. 103
Tackling undereating and what you can eat during this phasep. 103
Examining the overeating phase with common sensep. 105
Looking at the Power of Feast and Faminep. 106
Perusing the pros of the Warrior Dietp. 106
Discussing the disadvantages of the Warrior Dietp. 107
Consuming Just One Meal a Dayp. 107
Knowing what you can eat for your one mealp. 108
Following important eating guidelinesp. 109
Realizing the truth about eating later in the dayp. 111
Part III Your Launch Pad to Fasting: Your Kitchen and Recipesp. 113
Chapter 8 Restocking Your Kitchen with Foods You Can Eat during Your Fast and Mealsp. 115
Including Items You Can Eatp. 116
Power proteinsp. 117
Nutrient-dense producep. 121
Healthy fatsp. 124
Healthy pantry itemsp. 127
Avoiding Certain Foodsp. 128
Frankenfoods: It's alive!p. 128
Understanding sugarp. 129
Getting the lowdown on saltp. 131
Watching the booze: Happy hour or not?p. 132
Making Healthy Cooking Choicesp. 133
Easing your life with kitchen essentialsp. 133
Recognizing cooking methodsp. 135
Chapter 9 For Women: 500-Calorie Meal Recipesp. 139
Going the Beef Routep. 140
Whipping Up Some Poultryp. 143
Serving Some Seafood Dishesp. 152
Tackling Some Pork or Lambp. 162
Aiming for Meatless Dishesp. 166
Chapter 10 For Men: 600-Calorie Meal Recipesp. 173
Creating Some Dishes with Beefp. 174
Calling it Fowl: Some Poultry Mealsp. 180
Surfing with Seafood Dishesp. 190
Cooking Some Meatless Mealsp. 197
Cooking Some Pork and Lamb Cuisinep. 203
Part IV Incorporating Lifestyle Practices for Successp. 207
Chapter 11 Comprehending the Effects of Fasting on Exercise and Vice Versap. 209
The Lowdown on Fasting and Exercising: Why They Provide the Best Resultsp. 210
Understanding the link between the twop. 210
Determining your energy levelp. 211
Avoiding food before a workoutp. 212
Knowing what to eat (and whether you should) after exercisep. 213
Fasting and Exercise = More Fat Burningp. 214
Building More Lean Musclep. 215
Restoring the Bodyp. 217
Cleaning out the systemp. 217
Impacting the brain in a positive mannerp. 218
Chapter 12 Putting Together Your Fasting Exercise Programp. 219
Boosting Strength and Building Muscle with Resistance Training: The How-Top. 220
Determining when and how muchp. 221
Knowing which exercises to dop. 223
Putting it all togetherp. 240
Transforming Your Body with Metabolic Conditioningp. 243
Defining metabolic conditioningp. 243
Knowing when and how to do itp. 244
Killing Body Fat with Fasted Cardio: Take a Brisk Walkp. 245
Eyeing the many benefits of low-intensity cardiop. 246
Ditching the treadmill and doing what you lovep. 247
Chapter 13 Living the Fasting Lifestyle on a Daily Basisp. 249
Consuming More Waterp. 250
Grasping why water is so importantp. 250
Recognizing your thirst buttonp. 251
Keeping the water you drink cleanp. 252
Choosing clean waterp. 253
Simplifying Stressp. 254
Examining your body's response to stressp. 254
Seeing the link between stress and belly fatp. 255
Getting Enough Sleep: Your Body's Weaponp. 256
Falling short of sleepp. 257
Creating a natural rhythmp. 258
Taking on Toxinsp. 260
Identifying toxins in the homep. 261
Eliminating toxins from your bodyp. 262
Part V The Part of Tensp. 265
Chapter 14 Ten Ways to Stave Off Hungerp. 267
Accept Itp. 267
Drink Plenty of Waterp. 268
Grab a Cup of Tea or Coffeep. 269
Do Some Household Chores or Gardeningp. 270
Workp. 270
Go for a Walkp. 270
Play Some Sports or Enjoy a Hobbyp. 271
Engage in Some Short, Intense Exercisep. 271
Meditatep. 271
Munch on Some Live Foodsp. 272
Chapter 15 Ten Ways to Stay Motivatedp. 273
Find a Fasting Accountabili-buddyp. 273
Read Articles/Blogs or Watch Videosp. 274
Set a Short-Term Goal with a Rewardp. 274
Recognize That Sometimes You Need a Carrot and Sometimes You Need a Stickp. 275
Look into an Alternate Futurep. 276
Visualize Your Healthy Futurep. 277
Focus on the Positive Feelingsp. 278
Take Stock of the Positive Changes You've Experiencedp. 278
Be Compassionate with Yourselfp. 279
Get in the Habit of Motivating Yourselfp. 280
Chapter 16 Ten Ways to Feel Energized When You're Fastingp. 281
Stand Up and Start Movingp. 281
Become a Social Butterflyp. 282
Drink Plenty of Waterp. 282
Use Caffeine Wiselyp. 282
Breathe In Some Aromatherapyp. 283
Play a Gamep. 283
Listen to Some of Your Favorite Musicp. 284
Have More Sex More Oftenp. 284
Laugh More and Smilep. 284
Get a Better Night's Sleepp. 284
Indexp. 287