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Mindful eating for dummies
Dawn, Laura (Nutritionist), author.
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Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2014.
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xii, 272 pages ; 22 cm
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Ditch the fad diets and discover how to eat mindfully

Packed with tips to help you make lasting dietary changes, Mindful Eating For Dummies paves the way for redefining your relationship with food, challenging your attitude about eating and making attainable changes to integrate mindful eating into everyday life. This no-nonsense, friendly guide offers essential guidance to get healthy, lose weight and avoid negative thought patterns associated with food?the mindful way.

Mindfulness allows you to pay attention to what is going on in your surroundings in order to keep yourself alert and able to react effectively in the present. When applied to eating habits, the practice of mindfulness helps you to pay close attention to the sensation and purpose of each mouthful of food to avoid overeating and fully discover the joys of your meals.

Learn how to reduce overeating and change your approach to food forever Begin to choose healthy foods mindfully Find advice on eating mindfully when you're dining out Discover how mindful eating can combat emotional hunger

Whether you want to develop a healthier relationship with food to lose weight, manage a diet- or lifestyle-related illness or simply experience a better awareness and connection at mealtime, Mindful Eating For Dummies is your go-to guide for getting it done.

Author Notes

Laura Dawn is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, raw food chef and mindful eating mentor. She is the founder of Happy and Raw ( and leads transformational health retreats in Hawaii.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
About this Bookp. 2
Foolish Assumptionsp. 2
Icons Used in This Bookp. 3
Beyond the Bookp. 4
Where to Go from Herep. 4
Part I Getting Started With Mindful Eatingp. 5
Chapter 1 Discovering Mindful Eatingp. 7
Exploring the Different Slices of the Mindful Eating Piep. 7
Who Can Benefit from Mindful Eating?p. 9
Indulging in the richness of mindful eatingp. 10
Exploring the world around youp. 10
Welcoming the universe withinp. 11
Serving up a broader definition of mindful eatingp. 13
Looking at the pleasure - and pain - of eatingp. 14
Taking a Holistic Approachp. 15
Discovering a healthy relationship with foodp. 16
Reflecting a larger relationshipp. 17
Building a Solid Foundation: Delving into Mindfulnessp. 18
Dropping the speech balloonp. 19
Observing the observerp. 21
Training the puppyp. 21
Focusing on the gift of the present momentp. 22
Chapter 2 What You Can Expect to Gain (or Lose) from Mindful Eatingp. 25
The Benefits of Mindfulnessp. 25
The Rewards of Mindful Eatingp. 26
Feeling good in your bodyp. 28
Feeling subpar?p. 29
Mindfully Moving towards Feeling Better about Your Bodyp. 30
Breaking free from dietingp. 31
Shedding the excess: losing weightp. 33
Time out: reducing stressp. 35
Managing chronic health conditionsp. 36
Feeling Good in Your Lifep. 38
Minding Happinessp. 38
Discovering true contentmentp. 39
In pursuit of happinessp. 39
Freedom from the Strugglep. 40
Part II Preparing the Ground for Mindful Eatingp. 43
Chapter 3 Getting Mindless by the Mouthfulp. 45
Mindfulness versus Mindlessnessp. 45
Mind-less-ness: Less of what?p. 46
Mind-full-ness: Full of what?p. 47
Away with the fairies: Discovering the different forms of mindlessnessp. 47
A busy mind, an active brainp. 49
Geared towards mindlessnessp. 50
Advantages of mindlessnessp. 51
Disadvantages of mindlessnessp. 53
Mindless Eating and the Disappearing Food Actp. 53
Are you eating mindlessly?p. 54
Being aware of cues and triggers to eatp. 55
Identifying the mindless eater in youp. 58
Having a Full Belly but Wanting Morep. 60
Chapter 4 Getting Ready for Your Mindful Eating Journeyp. 61
Discovering Your Middle-Way Approachp. 61
The Goldilocks zone: Finding your 'just right' approachp. 62
Too loose versus too strictp. 64
Starting a Mindful Eating Journalp. 65
The Four A's to Successful Changep. 67
Awarenessp. 68
Acceptancep. 69
Alignmentp. 70
Actionp. 70
Achieving Your Goals with Mindful Eatingp. 71
Setting realistic expectationsp. 71
Identifying your health goalsp. 74
It's the path, not the destination: Focusing on the presentp. 78
Chapter 5 Cultivating a Supportive Mindful Eating Mindsetp. 79
Cultivating Your Garden of Mindful Attitudesp. 80
Indulging acceptancep. 80
Embracing non-judgmentp. 84
Discovering how to let gop. 86
Cultivating curiosity and opennessp. 89
Developing Self-compassionp. 91
Why self-compassion trumps self-criticismp. 91
How self-compassion can save you from yourselfp. 92
Fostering an Attitude of Gratitudep. 95
Chapter 6 Choosing Healthy Foods Mindfullyp. 97
One Size Doesn't Fit All: Different Approaches to Healthy Eatingp. 98
Voting with Your Food Dollarsp. 99
Vote for real foodp. 101
Vote for plantsp. 104
Vote for sustainabilityp. 105
Buyer Beware: Buying Foodp. 110
Mindful grocery shoppingp. 110
Exploring your alternatives to the supermarketp. 112
Chapter 7 Mindful Meal Preparationp. 115
Exploring Your Relationship with Your Kitchenp. 115
Getting a fresh perspective on your kitchenp. 117
Stepping into the kitchen: Mindful transitioningp. 118
Mindfulness in the kitchenp. 119
Minding your mood in the kitchenp. 121
Feng shui the kitchenp. 122
Mindful Meal Creationp. 125
A drop of inspiration: Recipe explorationp. 125
Mindful food preparation: Bring out your good chinap. 129
Part III Practicing Mindful Eatingp. 131
Chapter 8 Tooling Up for Mindful Eatingp. 133
Connecting with Your Inner Bodyp. 134
Performing a body scanp. 134
Exploring the Hunger-fullness Scalep. 139
Pressing the Mute Button: Tuning Out Pesky Distractionsp. 141
Giving Thanks: A Speed Bump to Eatingp. 144
The many ways to express gratitudep. 145
Getting creative: Different ways to give thanksp. 146
Putting on the Brakes: Discovering How to Slow Downp. 147
What eating too fast does to your waistlinep. 148
What slowing down does for your lifep. 149
Tips to mindfully slow down your mealsp. 149
Chapter 9 The Many Ways to Practice Mindful Eatingp. 153
Building Your Foundation: A Traditional Mindful Eating Practicep. 153
Fueling your life's purposep. 156
Total interconnectionp. 157
Last bite of your lifep. 159
Tasting Your Sensesp. 161
Exploring sight: colors and delightp. 162
Exploring smell: What's cooking?p. 166
Exploring sound: Music to your mouthp. 169
Exploring taste: A burst of juicy joyp. 171
Part IV Mindful Eating, Mindful Lifep. 175
Chapter 10 Mindful Eating for Familiesp. 177
Cultivating a Mindful Eating Environment at Homep. 178
Benefiting from shared mealsp. 178
Creating an atmosphere for mindful eatingp. 178
Mindful Eating with Kidsp. 183
Resigning from the 'clean your plate' fan clubp. 184
Being patient with picky eatersp. 185
Including children in meal selection and preparationp. 187
Setting a mindful examplep. 189
Mindful eating exercises for childrenp. 189
Chapter 11 Mindful Eating in Social Situationsp. 191
The Challenge of Eating Mindfully in Social Situationsp. 191
Don't Miss Out on the Fun: Eating at Social Eventsp. 193
Doing one thing at a timep. 194
Pausing before you eatp. 195
Noticing your triggersp. 196
Choosing Wisely: Eating in Restaurantsp. 197
Proceed with Caution: Eating during the Holidaysp. 198
Disrupting your typical routinep. 199
Working with cravingsp. 199
Minimizing mindless eating episodesp. 200
On the Go: Eating Mindfully while Travelingp. 201
Planning aheadp. 201
Healthy travel tipsp. 202
Chapter 12 Overcoming Obstacles to Mindful Eatingp. 203
Working with Cravingsp. 203
Becoming mindful of cravingsp. 205
Getting Back on Track: Lapse and Relapsep. 212
Paying attention: Every moment is a new momentp. 213
Making mistakes: Blessings in disguisep. 214
Forgiving yourself and moving onp. 215
Practicing self-compassionp. 215
Mindful Eating for Busy Schedulesp. 216
Chapter 13 Feeding Your Emotional Hungerp. 217
Are You Really Hungry?p. 218
Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Eatp. 219
Why You Eat When You're Not Hungryp. 220
Seeking the Power of Pleasurable Distractionp. 221
Eating Your Emotionsp. 223
Noticing emotional triggersp. 224
Covering over the surface: distracting and avoidingp. 225
Stop running away: feeling what you feelp. 227
What Are You Really Hungry for?p. 229
Fulfilling your heart's desirep. 229
Experiencing the simple pleasures in lifep. 231
Part V The Part of Tensp. 233
Chapter 14 Ten (Or So) Misconceptions About Mindfulnessp. 235
I Can't Stop Thinking! Am I Doing It Wrong?p. 235
The Purpose of Mindfulness Is to Go Blank and Not Thinkp. 236
I'm Not Any Good at It!p. 236
It's a Cult/It's a Religion/It's Against Religion/It's Spiritualp. 237
It's So Simple, It Must Be Easyp. 237
It's the Answer to All My Problemsp. 238
Mindfulness Is about Running Away from Realityp. 238
Mindfulness Has No Credibility; It's Just a Passing Fadp. 238
You Have to Sit Down to Be Mindfulp. 239
I Don't Have Time for Mindfulnessp. 239
Mindfulness Equals Physical Discomfortp. 240
You Have to Meditate to Practice Mindfulnessp. 240
Chapter 15 Top Ten Tips for Mindful Eatingp. 241
Sit Down (but Not in the Car)p. 241
Pause Before You Eat (Breathe, Smell and Give Thanks!)p. 242
Become a Leftie, or a Rightiep. 242
Chew, Chew, Chew Your Foodp. 243
Brake between Bitesp. 243
Eat in Silence for at Least Two Minutesp. 244
Take the First Three Bites with Your Eyes Closedp. 245
Make It Specialp. 245
Stage Habitual Remindersp. 246
Only Eat When You Eatp. 246
Chapter 16 (Almost) Ten Ways to Mindlessly Eat Lessp. 247
Rethink Conveniencep. 247
Out of Sight, Out of Mindp. 249
In Sight, after the Bitep. 249
Downsize Your Dishwarep. 250
Tall and Skinny (versus Short and Wide)p. 250
Take Half to Gop. 251
Saving a Dime Is Bad for Your Waistline: Don't Buy in Bulkp. 251
Downsize the Display (Minimize Variety)p. 252
Discover Your Mindless Marginp. 252
Chapter 17 Ten Paths To Expand Your Mindful Eating Experiencep. 255
Become a Member of the Center for Mindful Eatingp. 255
Start a Mindful Eating Groupp. 256
Get One-on-One Coachingp. 256
Attend a Mindful Eating Retreatp. 257
Attend a Mindfulness Retreatp. 257
Take a Course on Mindfulnessp. 258
Keep a Mindful Eating Journalp. 259
Grow Your Mindfulness Libraryp. 259
Stay Mindfully Connected with Websites and Social Mediap. 260
Use Technology to Support Mindfulnessp. 260
Indexp. 261