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Sway of the moon
Cederman, Nan.
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North Charleston, SC : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, [2012]

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481 pages ; 21 cm.
"Caeth Salkar, a "new-age anthropologist" researching his descendants: a race of ancient mystics called the Viskarae. The story then goes back to the time of those mystics, whose society includes people with royal, sacred and dark warrior bloodlines. After a tidal wave ravages the Viskarae's peaceful community, their spiritual leader, the Shepherd, has a vision of a new homeland, and they all make plans to travel there. Meanwhile, the Shepherd takes Kaela, a local girl, under his wing after she's chosen by the Viskarae's deity as one of the five Mystics. Isolated from outsiders in their new home, the Viskarae test the limits of their mystical abilities. However, some of them become enamored with the dark elements of their bloodlines. As a chosen Mystic, Kaela must keep her sacred oath and fight the dark forces that threaten her people--including her own family." -- Kirkus.
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When Kaela is rescued by her nation's Shepherd from a tidal wave, she begins her journey to immortality as the fourth Mystic of 5 chosen by Ebon-nae, the Eternal One to rid the nation of dark ancestral anomalies resurfacing every thousand years. The tragic natural disaster compels the three blended bloodlines of the mystical Viskarae civilization to isolate themselves from outsiders. During a night journey on the Blood Moon eclipse, the Shepherd visualizes their new homeland. Their new homeland provides the freedom to expand innate abilities to an unearthly level. But their abilities are tainted by their dark heritage. Once again, the return of the darkness plaguing the three bloodlines causes a savage fracture in the civilization. Throughout the five millennia of the nation's existence, Ebon-nae struggles against Sal-nae, the Mephitic One. The poisonous spirit uses his dark warriors to annihilate kinpeople opposing him. Anthropologist, Caeth Salkar, a descendent of the Viskarae begins to research her heritage in the year 12020 HE (2020 CE). She travels to the hidden canyon caves and discovers the ageless chronicles are a detailed history of her ancestry. She decides to document the historic saga when she realizes the 5 chosen Mystics must swear a Sacred Oath to fight the dark power of the Mephitic One.