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The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 book for digital photographers
Kelby, Scott.
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[Berkeley, California] : New Riders, 2014.
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xiii, 533 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm.
Presents step-by-step instructions on using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5, covering such topics as organizing photographs, making adjustments, editing, converting from color to black and white, and printing photographs.
General Note:
"Lr--Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5"--At head of title.
1. Importing : Getting your photos into lightroom. Before you do anything, choose where to store your photos -- Next, do this: set up your folder organization (it's really important) -- Getting photos from your camera into lightroom -- Using smart previews to work without an external hard drive attached -- Importing photos already on your computer -- Save time importing using import presets (and a compact view) -- Importing video from your DSLR -- Shooting tethered (go straight from your camera, right into lightroom) -- Using image overlay to see if your images fit your layout -- Creating your own custom filen aming templates -- Choosing your preferences for importing photos -- The Adobe DNG file format advantage -- Creating your own custom metadata (copyright) templates -- Four things you'll want to know now about getting around lightroom -- Viewing your imported photos -- Using lights dim, lights out, and other viewing modes -- Seeing a real full-screen view -- Using guides and the resizable grid overlays -- Lightroom killer tips -- 2. Library : How to organize your photos. Folders and why I don't mess with them (this is really important!) -- Sorting your photos using collections -- Organizing multiple shoots using collection sets -- Using smart collections for automatic organization -- Keeping things tidy using stacks -- When to use a quick collection instead -- Using target collections (and why they're so handy) ; Adding specific keywords for advanced searching -- Renaming photos already in lightroom -- Adding copyright info, captions, and other metadata -- If your camera supports GPS, prepare to amaze your friends -- Organizing your photos on a world map -- Finding photos fast! -- Creating and using multiple catalogs -- From laptop to desktop: syncing catalogs on two computers -- Backing up your catalog (this is very important) ; -- Relinking missing photos -- Dealing with disasters -- Lightroom killer tips -- 3. Customizing : How to set things up your way. Choosing what you see in loupe view -- Choosing what you see in grid view -- Make working with panels faster & easier -- Using two monitors with lightroom -- Choosing what the filmstrip displays -- Adding your studio's name or logo for a custom look -- Lightroom killer tips -- 4. Editing essentials : How to develop your photos. Are you seeing different sliders? Read this first! -- Setting the white balance -- Setting your white balance live while shooting tethered -- My editing your images cheat sheet -- How to set your overall exposure -- 60 seconds on the histogram (& which slider controls which part) -- Auto tone (having lightroom do the work for you) -- Dealing with exposure problems (the highlights and shadows sliders) -- Setting your white point and black point -- Adding "punch" to your images using clarity -- Making your colors more vibrant -- Using the tone curve to add contrast -- Two really handy uses for RGB curves -- Adjusting individual colors using HSL -- How to add vignette effects -- Getting that trendy high-contrast look -- Creating black-and-white images -- Getting great duotones (and split tones) -- Lightroom killer tips --

5. DJ develop (part deux). Making your RAW photos look more like JPEGs -- Seeing befores and afters -- Applying changes made to one photo to other photos -- Virtual copies: the "no risk" way to experiment -- Editing a bunch of photos at once using auto sync -- Using one-click presets (and making your own!) -- Using the library module's quick develop panel -- Using soft proofing to make your images look good in print and on the Web -- The "previous" button (and why it rocks!) -- Lightroom killer tips -- 6. Local adjustments : How to edit just part of your images. Dodging, burning, and adjusting individual areas of your photo -- Five more things you should know about lightroom's adjustment brush -- Selectively fixing white balance, dark shadows, and noise issues -- Getting creative effects using the adjustment brush -- Retouching portraits -- Fixing skies (and other stuff) with a gradient filter -- Custom vignetts & spotlight effects using the radial filter -- Lightroom killer tips -- 7. Problem photos : Fixing common problems. Fixing backlit photos -- Reducing noise -- Undoing changes made in lightroom -- Cropping photos -- Lights out cropping rocks! -- Straightening crooked photos -- Finding spots and specks the easy way -- Oh hallelujah, it's a regular healing brush! (Finally!) -- Removing red eye -- Fixing lens distortion problems -- Auto correcting perspective and other lens problems using upright -- Fixing edge vignetting -- Sharpening your photos -- Fixing chromatic aberrations (a.k.a. that annoying color fringe) -- Basic camera calibration in lightroom -- Lightroom killer tips -- 8. Exporting images : Saving JPEGs, TIFFs, and more. Saving your photos as JPEGs -- Adding a watermark to your images -- Emailing photos from lightroom -- Exporting your original RAW photo -- Publish your images with just two clicks -- Lightroom killer tips -- 9. Jumping to Photoshop : How and when to do it. Choosing how your files are sent to Photoshop -- How to jump over to Photoshop, and how to jump back -- Adding Photoshop automation to your lightroom workflow -- Stitching panoramas using Photoshop -- Creating HDR images in Photoshop -- Lightroom killer tips -- 10. Book of love : Creating photo books. Before you make your first book -- Building your first book from scratch -- Adding text and captions to your photo book -- Adding and customizing page numbers -- Four things you'll want to know about layout templates -- Creating & saving your own custom layouts -- Creating cover text -- Custom template workaround -- Lightroom killer tips --

11. Slideshow : Creating presentations of your work. Creating a quick basic slide show -- Customizing the look of your slide show -- Adding video to your slide show -- Getting creative with photo backgrounds -- Working with drop shadows and strokes -- Adding additional lines of text and watermarking -- Adding opening and closing title slides -- Adding background music -- Choosing your slide duration and fade length -- Sharing your slide show -- Lightroom killer tips -- 12. DSLR: the movie : Working with video shot on your DSLR. Working with videos -- 13. The big print : Printing your photos. Printing individual photos -- Creating multi-photo contact sheets -- Creating custom layouts any way you want them -- Adding text to your print layouts -- Printing multiple photos on one page -- Saving your custom layouts as templates -- Having lightroom remember your printing layouts -- Creating backscreened prints -- The final print and color management settings -- Saving your page layout as a JPEG -- Adding custom borders to your prints -- Lightroom killer tips -- 14. The layout : Creating cool layouts for Web & print. Here are some of my layouts for you to use -- Bonus: 24 cool lightroom 5 develop module presets -- 15. My portrait workflow : My step-by-step process from the shoot to the final print. Workflow step one: It all starts with the shoot -- Workflow step two: Right after the shoot, do this first -- Workflow step three: Finding your picks & making a collection -- Workflow step four: A quick retouch for your selects -- Workflow step five: Emailing your clients the proofs -- Workflow step six: Making the final tweaks & working with Photoshop -- Workflow step seven: Delivering the finished image(s) -- 10 important bits of advice for new lightroom users -- Want to learn more?
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