Cover image for Kindle Fire geekery : 50 insanely cool projects for your Amazon tablet
Kindle Fire geekery : 50 insanely cool projects for your Amazon tablet
Hart-Davis, Guy.
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New York : McGraw-Hill, [2012]

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xiii, 258 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Get your geek on! Discover how to turn your Kindle Fire into your go-everywhere music and video player, web and e-mail device, Android-based app and gaming center, and remote work tool.
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Includes index.
Music geekery -- Video geekery -- Books geekery -- System and apps geekery -- Kindle Fire at work geekery.
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Take your Kindle Fire to its limits--and way beyond them

You already know how to download and read e-books on your Kindle Fire. Now, discover how to turn it into a personal music and video player, Web and e-mail device, Android-based app and gaming center, text messager, and remote work tool. Kindle Fire Geekery: 50 Insanely Cool Projects for Your Amazon Tablet teaches these power-user tricks and many more. You'll see how to load non-Amazon media files, find free stuff, and stream your library from the cloud.

Get your geek on! Learn how to:

Use your Kindle Fire as a portable music player Rip CDs and transfer audio from LP or cassette Watch movies and TV shows stored on your computer Stream your collection through Amazon's Cloud Drive Load e-books from any format to your Kindle Fire Lock your Kindle Fire and tweak its operating system Install apps from sources other than Amazon's Appstore Connect to WiFi networks, browse the Web, and use e-mail Keep your Kindle Fire and its Silk browser running smoothly Send text messages, share files, and edit Office documents

Author Notes

Guy Hart-Davis is a tech geek who's written more than 80 computer books including iPhone Geekery, How to Do Everything: iPod iTunes, Sixth Edition; The Healthy PC, Second Edition; How to Do Everything: iPhone 4S; and iPad iPhone Administrator's Guide.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgmentsp. x
Introductionp. xi
Chapter 1 Music Geekeryp. 1
Project 1 Create Top-Quality Music Files for Your Kindle Fire from Your CDsp. 1
Install iTunes on Your PCp. 3
Run iTunes for the First Time on Your PCp. 5
Launch iTunes on Your Macp. 6
Set Up iTunes for Ripping Your CDsp. 6
Rip a CD with iTunesp. 9
Convert a Song from One Format to Another Using iTunesp. 12
Find the Song Files You've Rippedp. 12
Put the Ripped Files on Your Kindlep. 12
Project 2 Transfer Your Tapes and Records to Your Kindle Firep. 13
Connect Your Sound Source to Your Computerp. 14
Know Your Options for Recording Audiop. 15
Download and Install Audacityp. 16
Run Audacity and Choose Your Languagep. 16
Install the LAME MP3 Encoderp. 17
Choose Audio Playback and Recording Settingsp. 18
Choose Your Audio Sourcep. 18
Record Audio with Audacityp. 22
Export the Recorded Files to MP3 and Put Them on Your Kindle Firep. 24
Project 3 Put Your Music on Amazon's Cloud Drivep. 25
Understand What Cloud Drive Isp. 25
Connect to Cloud Drive, Set It Up, and Get Amazon MP3 Uploaderp. 26
Upload MP3 and AAC Files with Amazon MP3 Uploaderp. 31
Upload Other Files to Cloud Drivep. 33
Project 4 Convert Songs from Formats Your Kindle Fire Can't Playp. 36
Convert Protected AAC Filesp. 36
Convert Apple Lossless Encoding Filesp. 37
Convert Free Lossless Audio Codec Filesp. 38
Convert Audio Interchange File Format Filesp. 38
Convert Monkey's Audio Filesp. 38
Project 5 Listen to the Radio on Your Kindle Firep. 44
Get a Radio App for the Kindle Firep. 47
Listen to Your Radio Appp. 47
Project 6 Enjoy Podcasts on Your Kindle Firep. 49
Get an App That Can Play Podcastsp. 50
Run BeyondPod Podcast Managerp. 50
Add and Remove Feedsp. 50
View the Feed Content Availablep. 52
Play a Podcast Episodep. 53
Project 7 Use Your Kindle Fire as Your Home Stereop. 53
Use a Kindle Fire Speaker Dock or a Pair of Powered Speakersp. 54
Use a Wired Connection to Your Existing Speakers or Stereop. 55
Use a Radio Transmitter Between Your Kindle Fire and a Stereop. 56
Project 8 Use Your Kindle Fire as Your Car Stereop. 58
Assess Your Options for Playing Music Through Your Car Stereop. 58
Wire Your Kindle Fire Directly to a Car Stereop. 58
Use a Radio Transmitter with Your Kindle Firep. 58
Use a Cassette Adapter with Your Kindle Firep. 59
Mount Your Kindle Fire in Your Carp. 59
Power Your Kindle Fire in Your Carp. 60
Chapter 2 Video Geekeryp. 61
Project 9 Watch TV Shows on Your Kindle Firep. 61
Watch TV Shows on Hulu Plusp. 61
Watch TV Shows on Netflixp. 63
Project 10 Stream Movies from Your Computer to Your Kindle Firep. 67
Install Splashtop Streamer on Your PC or Macp. 68
Install the Splashtop App on Your Kindle Firep. 69
Connect Splashtop on Your Kindle Fire to Your Computer and Play Videop. 69
Project 11 Put Your Videos on Your Kindle Firep. 72
Create MP4 Files from Your Digital Video Camerap. 73
Create MP4 Video Files from Your Existing Video Filesp. 80
Project 12 Put Your DVDs on Your Kindle Firep. 84
Rip DVDs with DVDFab HD Decrypter on Your PCp. 85
Rip DVDs with HandBrake on Your Macp. 88
Project 13 Use Your Kindle Fire for In-Car Entertainmentp. 90
Chapter 3 Books Geekeryp. 93
Project 14 Understand Which E-book Formats Your Kindle Fire Can Usep. 93
Project 15 Get Free E-books Instead of Buying E-booksp. 96
Free Books on Amazon.comp. 96
Kindle Owners' Lending Libraryp. 97
Open Libraryp. 97
Project Gutenbergp. 98
Google Booksp. 99
ManyBooks.netp. 99
Project 16 Add Your Existing E-book Collection to the Kindle Firep. 99
Add Kindle Books You've Bought from Amazonp. 99
Add E-books Stored in Foldersp. 101
Add E-books from Your iTunes Libraryp. 101
Project 17 Download and Install calibre and Meet Its Interfacep. 102
Download and Install calibrep. 102
Set Up calibrep. 105
Meet the calibre Interfacep. 106
Add Your Existing E-books to Your calibre Libraryp. 108
Browse the E-books in Your calibre Libraryp. 108
Tell, calibre Not to Include the [PDOC] Tag When Creating MOBI Filesp. 108
Connect Your Kindle Fire and Make Sure calibre Recognizes Itp. 111
Transfer E-books to Your Kindle Fire from caliberp. 111
Project 18 Convert ePub E-books to the Kindle-Friendly MOBI Formatp. 112
Convert ePub E-books to MOBI Format Using calibrep. 112
Convert ePub E-books and Transfer the MOBI Files to Your Kindle Firep. 113
Convert ePub E-books to Kindle-Friendly Formats Using an Online Converterp. 115
Project 19 Make Your E-books Appear in the Books App Rather Than the Docs Appp. 116
Project 20 Convert E-books, PDFs, Documents, and Webpages to Kindle Fire Formatp. 117
Project 21 Read Your E-books in the Bath-Safelyp. 119
Project 22 Read Your Kindle Books on Your Computer-or Someone Else'sp. 122
Read Books on Your PC or Mac with the Kindle Applicationp. 122
Read Books in Any Web Browser with Kindle Cloud Readerp. 123
Chapter 4 System and Apps Geekeryp. 127
Project 23 Lock Your Kindle Fire for Privacyp. 127
Tarn On Lockingp. 128
Lock Your Kindle Firep. 128
Unlock Your Kindle Firep. 130
Project 24 Update Your Kindle Fire with the Latest Fixesp. 131
Project 25 Keep Your Apps Updatedp. 132
Project 26 Troubleshoot Lockups and Crashesp. 134
Force an App to Closep. 134
Deal with System Lockups by Performing a Hard Resetp. 136
Troubleshoot Startup Problemsp. 136
Project 27 Make Your Kindle Fire Run Fasterp. 137
Restart Your Kindle Firep. 138
Close Apps You're No Longer Usingp. 138
Install Software Updates When They Become Availablep. 140
Project 28 Make the Silk Browser Load Pages More Quicklyp. 140
Project 29 Squeeze the Battery Life to the Limitp. 143
See Exactly How Much Battery Life There Isp. 143
Reduce Your Power Consumptionp. 144
Charge Your Kindle Fire While You're Out and Aboutp. 148
Project 30 Prevent Your Children from Going Online with the Kindle Firep. 150
Protect Your Kindle Fire's Wi-Fi with a Restrictions Passwordp. 150
Turn Wi-Fi Back Onp. 152
Project 31 Turn Off One-Click Buy on Your Kindle Firep. 152
Project 32 Protect Your Kindle Fire Against Malwarep. 153
Download and Install Dr. Web Anti-Virus Lightp. 153
Meet the Dr. Web User Interfacep. 153
Run a Scanp. 154
Update the Dr. Web Database of Threatsp. 155
View Statistics on Threats Detected and Actions Performedp. 155
View the Files Dr. Web Has Quarantinedp. 156
Project 33 Get Apps from Other Sources than Amazon's Appstorep. 156
Get Package Files from Android Market Using an Android Devicep. 157
Download Package Files from a Websitep. 161
Download Package Files from Other Sourcesp. 162
Project 34 Side-Load Apps on Your Kindle Firep. 162
Install ES File Explorerp. 162
Allow the Installation of Apps from Other Sourcesp. 163
Copy the Package Files to Your Kindle Firep. 163
Install the Apps on the Kindle Firep. 163
Project 35 Make the Most of Your Kindle Fire's Wi-Fi Capabilitiesp. 165
Transfer Files Wirelessly Using Wi-Fi File Explorerp. 165
Find Wi-Fi Networks Using Wi-Fi Analyzerp. 170
Add Further Storage Using a Wi-Fi Drivep. 172
Project 36 Enter Text More Quickly in Documents and E-mail Messagesp. 173
Project 37 Customize the Carousel-Or Replace It with a Better Launcherp. 175
Remove Unwanted Items from the Carouselp. 176
Replace the Carousel with a Better Launcherp. 176
Project 38 Recover Space from Your Kindle Fire's Storagep. 177
Delete Unnecessary Videos, Pictures, Songs, E-books, and Documentsp. 178
Clear Out Your Download Folderp. 178
Delete the Package Files for Apps You've Side-Loadedp. 178
Uninstall Any Apps You Don't Needp. 178
Project 39 Put Your Photos on Your Kindle Firep. 181
Project 40 Keep Up with Your Social Networksp. 182
Use Facebook on Your Kindle Firep. 182
Use Linkedln on Your Kindle Firep. 186
Use Twitter on Your Kindle Firep. 188
Chapter 5 Kindle Fire at Work Geekeryp. 191
Project 41 Connect Your Kindle Fire to the Wireless Network at Your Workplacep. 191
Install a Digital Certificate on Your Kindle Firep. 193
Connect to the Wireless Networkp. 196
Project 42 Connect Your Kindle Fire to Exchange Serverp. 198
Download, Install, and Set Up TouchDownp. 198
Connect TouchDown to Your Exchange Serverp. 199
Project 43 Manage Your E-mail Like a Prop. 202
Set Up Your Kindle Fire with the E-mail Accounts You Needp. 203
Manage Your E-mail Messagesp. 214
Project 44 Load All Your Contacts on Your Kindle Firep. 219
Understand the Difference Between Loading and Syncing Contactsp. 219
Create vCards and Put Them on Your Kindle Firep. 220
Control How Your Kindle Fire Displays Contactsp. 223
Keep Your Contacts Synced Between Your Computer and Your Kindle Firep. 224
Project 45 Get Your Calendars on Your Kindle Firep. 225
Project 46 Keep Track of Your Tasksp. 226
Download, Install, and Set Up Remember The Milkp. 227
Track Your Tasks with Remember The Milkp. 228
Project 47 Sync Your Notes Between Your Computer and Your Kindlep. 230
Download and Install Evernote on Your Kindle Firep. 231
Download and Install Evernote on Your Computerp. 232
Create and Sync Notesp. 234
Project 48 Send Text Messages from Your Kindle Firep. 235
Download, Install, and Set Up textPlusp. 236
Send and Receive Texts with textPlusp. 236
Project 49 Create Office Documents on the Kindle Firep. 239
Project 50 Carry Your Essential Files on Your Kindle Firep. 242
Get and Install Dropbox, Set Up Your Account, and Log Inp. 242
Use Dropbox on Your Kindle Firep. 243
Indexp. 249