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How to design and write web pages today
Stolley, Karl.
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Santa Barbara, Calif. : Greenwood, [2011]

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xxii, 305 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
This standards-based approach shows readers how to create accessible, usable, and sustainable websites. Most businesses, even sole proprietorships, are finding websites a necessity today. Writing and designing for the Web are essential to anyone looking to advance his or her personal, academic, or professional Internet presence. The good news is that Web writing and design can be done with free, open-source software; no costly investment is required, no expensive designer need be employed. How is it done? This book offers an approach for building sites that reach their intended audience, using methods that enable a site to be updated and improved over time. An introduction to standards-based Web design, this book treats creating a website from the point of view of the writer, focusing on writing concerns and how they fit with the technological challenges of the Web. Readers will learn about the reasons for writing on the Web; the challenges of writing there; and the solid, but flexible construction of individual pages. The focus is on building websites that can grow, including sites built around the popular, open-source WordPress blogging system. Using several examples, the book demonstrates that Web writing and design can be fast and fun, and accomplished without expensive software or sophisticated programming skills.
What am I Writing? ; Why write for the Web? ; Reading the Web ; Creating Web content ; Standards-based Web pages -- Preparing to write and design -- Issues and Challenges. Accessibility ; Usability ; Sustainability. -- Strategies for Success. Structured content: XHTML overview ; Presentation and design: CSS overview ; Rapid prototyping ; Writing with source in a text editor ; Page metadata ; Page branding ; Navigation ; Text content ; Page layout ; Multimedia content ; Performance and interaction -- Problems and Solutions. Site architecture ; Reusing and dynamically generating content ; Dynamic sites in WordPress ; Going live ; Tracking visitors, sharing content.
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