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Inflight science : a guide to the world from your airplane window.
Clegg, Brian.
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London, UK : Icon Books, [2011]

Physical Description:
ix, 212 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
A guidebook to the science around you as you fly.
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Includes index.
At the airport. Terminal boredom ; An airport divided ; Bag check ; Testing the air ; A lesson in detection ; Body scan ; Who do you think you are? ; The science of superstition -- Taking to the sky. Aircraft basics ; Fuelling flight ; The greenhouse effect's good side ; Flying the green way ; Getting moving ; Big radar is watching you ; Something on the air tonight ; Sat nav on the flight deck ; The universal language ; The latest model on the runway ; How Newton's laws get you going ; Joining the jet set ; Rotation and climbing ; Under pressure ; Wing work ; Control surfaces in action -- Exploring the landscape. The mystery of the fields ; On the Nazca plains ; Chalk marks the spot ; The traces of the past ; Following the water course ; Fascinating fractals ; The making of meanders ; How does your town grow? ; The infinite coast ; Gravity always wins ; From river to sea ; Water, water everywhere ; Time and tide wait for no one ; On the crest of a wave ; What colour is the sea? -- Above the clouds. Into the clouds ; An adventure in cloud-spotting ; All the way to cloud 9 ; No pot of gold for an endless rainbow ; Over icy seas ; Up into the sunlight ; Voyage to the heart of the sun ; Why is the sky blue? ; Why does the sun keep shining? Taking a trip through a quantum tunnel ; Crossing flight paths ; Leaving a trail in the sky ; Is there life out there? ; Going walkabout ; Travelling through bumpy air ; The flash of lightning ; A static charge ; Making lightning ; Electricity on the move ; There's safety in metal boxes ; Grounded by the ash ; Volcanic eruption ; In the radiation zone ; Fooled by a natural high ; A cosmic collision -- Cabin life. Pressure on the blood supply ; Catching up with jet lag ; Crossing the time zones ; What jet lag is (and isn't) ; Taming jet lag ; Resorting to medication ; Is there a jet lag north/south divide? ; A moving experience ; Relatively interesting ; Galileo's big idea ; In the jet stream ; The special one ; Anti-ageing flights ; A nice cup of tea ; Hearing food -- Technology in flight. Following your course on the map ; Projecting the world ; At the bleeding edge of technology ; Keeping the screen flat ; Bartholin's crystal wonder ; Giving light the liquid crystal twist ; Taking your hi-tech with you ; The view from the flight deck ; Following the guidance of inertia ; Tracking your way through the air ; Einstein's accelerating revelation ; The feeble force ; Gyroscopic gyrations -- Distant views and back to earth. Viewing the distant mountain peaks ; As old as the hills ; It's cold on them thar hills ; The icing on the mountain ; Around the bend with a siphon ; The vacuum solution ; Meeting the night sky ; A view of Venus ; The amazing moon ; The changing face of the man in the moon ; Welcome to the galaxy ; The street light fantasia ; The amazing eye ; Making up a picture of the world ; Eyes wide ; First touch on the runway ; Final steps.
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