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Ethical wisdom : what makes us good
Matousek, Mark.
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First edition.
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New York : Doubleday, [2011]

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ix, 251 pages ; 22 cm
Draws on myriad sources to examine good and evil behavior, arguing that emotions are the basis for ethical life while exploring such topics as the definition of being good, the role of biology in morality, and knowing when to trust one's instincts.
The laugh that preceded philosophy (harm/care). Homo duplex ; Mirrors in the mind ; Mother and child ; Venus and Mars ; Emotions ; Emotional intelligence -- Suckers, grudgers, and cheaters (justice/fairness). We tell ourselves stories ; Who am I? ; "Ought" does not exist in nature ; When the penis gets hard, the brain goes soft ; The Mardi Gras effect ; Suckers, grudgers, and cheaters ; The green-eyed monsters ; Lex talionis ; Ends and means ; Game theory ; Altruism -- Man is wolf to man (loyalty). Loyalty ; Us versus them ; Group narcissism ; Memes ; Donkeys and elephants -- The higher a monkey climbs, the more you can see of its behind (respect/authority). Holy shit ; The dark triad ; Evil ; Playing with power ; One up, one down ; The passions -- How ought I to live? (purity/sacredness). The holy question -- Tests, games, and challenges.
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