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Our fathers, ourselves : daughters, fathers, and the changing American family
Drexler, Peggy.
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New York : Rodale, [2011]

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xix, 252 pages ; 23 cm
There is no denying that a woman's relationship with her father is one of the most important in her life. And there is also no getting around how the quality of that relationship, good, bad, or otherwise, profoundly affects daughters in a multitude of ways. In this work, the author, a research psychologist, examines the ways in which the father-daughter bond impacts women and offers helpful advice for creating a better, stronger, more rewarding relationship. Through her extensive research and interviews with women, she paints an intimate, timely portrait of the modern father-daughter relationship. Women today are increasingly looking to their dads for a less than traditional bond, but one that still stands the test of time and provides support, respect, and guidance for the lives they lead today. This book provides an understanding for any woman who has ever wondered how she could forge a closer connection with and gain a deeper understanding of her father.
Fathers and Daughters: Searching for Meaning. -- Fathers and daughters: what's changed, and what hasn't -- Father knows best, least, and everything in between: themes and variations -- Daughters and fathers: when something goes right -- Fathers don't have to be perfect to be good Dads -- A father who encouraged his daughter to take risks and think for herself -- A father who answered his daughter's endless questions -- A father who bestowed a mantle of power upon his daughter -- A father who always knew what his daughter was feeling -- A father who inspired his daughter to persevere and succeed -- A father who taught his daughter everything he would have taught a son -- You and Your Father: When You Want to Make Things Better. -- Who is this man? : if you think you know your dad, think harder -- How well do you really know your dad? -- My process of discovery.
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