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Still procrastinating : the no-regrets guide to getting it done
Ferrari, Joseph R.
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Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, [2010]

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xv, 237 pages ; 22 cm
"Still Procrastinating? is based on science - not opinion or popular misconceptions about procrastination- and these results are written in an engaging way in order to help readers understand the problem and find solutions. Ferrari shows that for many men and women chronic procrastination is not about poor time management, but about self-sabotaging tendencies which handicap them from reaching their full potential. Procrastination is a learned behavior, so it can be unlearned, too. Preface Chapter 1: Everyone Procrastinates, But NOT Every One is a Procrastinator Chapter 2: "I'm Better Under Pressure" : The Arousal Procrastinator Myth Chapter 3: Indecision: Decisional Procrastination Chapter 4: Why Self-regulation Fails: How You're Your Own Worst Enemy Chapter 5: Perfection is Pure Fiction Chapter 6: Technology: Making It Easier to Procrastinate? Chapter 7: Why the Time of Day Matters to Procrastinators Chapter 8: The RRR of Procrastination: Reactance, Revenge, and Regret Chapter 9: Social Support: Getting By With A Little Help From My Friends? Chapter 10: Academic Procrastination: Why Students Delay, and What it Means for the Rest of Their Lives Chapter 11: Procrastination at Work Chapter 12: Procrastination and Personality Styles Epilogue References"--Provided by publisher.

"In this book, the author provides an understanding of why some people habitually, compulsively, and chronically delay the start or completion of tasks to the point that they become upset and worried about meeting the deadline. Many of the procrastination books currently available focus on time-management techniques, but Dr. Ferrari, a procrastination expert and media personality, believes these books just scratch the surface of the issue. In this book, he shares more than two decades of research on the causes and consequences of chronic procrastination"--Provided by publisher.
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