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Lost rights : the misadventures of a stolen American relic
Howard, David, 1967-
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Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, [2010]

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344 pages ; 24 cm
"This remarkable American story follows the long, shadowy trail of a single document, North Carolina's wayward copy of the Bill of Rights. With ratification of the first 10 amendments to the Constitution in 1789, 14 elegantly handwritten copies were drafted, one for each of the original states and one for the federal government. Seventy-six years later, at the end of the Civil War, it is believed a soldier with Sherman's army pilfered North Carolina's copy and carried it home to Ohio. The following year it ended up in the possession of Indiana businessman Charles Shotwell, who bought it for only five dollars. After 134 years in the Shotwell family's possession, the document in 2000 was purchased for two hundred thousand dollars by a boastful Connecticut antique collector and an ethically dubious business partner, both hoping to sell it for millions. How the parchment ended up back in North Carolina state archives is an intricate tale involving high-powered antique dealers, businessmen, historians, manuscript experts, auction houses, elite attorneys, governors of three states, the FBI, a U.S. Attorney's office, and Philadelphia's National Constitution Center. The tale pulsates with dynamic personalities greatly affected by their connection to one of the rarest, most influential and valuable documents in American history."--Amazon.
A break in -- The natural -- The four-dollar treasure -- The grain man -- Best friends -- The document hunter -- The leaves of the sybil -- Strangers -- The art dealer -- The bookseller -- The buyer -- A revelation -- Time runneth not against the king -- The joy of illegitimate possession -- Nowhere fast -- The sky's the limit -- Just a regular guy -- Deception -- Special delivery -- The thump on the door -- Blowback -- The great divide -- Another way -- Postscript.
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