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Hurricane Katrina
Henningfeld, Diane Andrews.
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Detroit : Greenhaven Press, [2010]

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146 pages ; 23 cm.
Americans are now more able to help at-risk populations after disasters / Timothy Manning -- Americans remain unprepared for a major hurricane / PR Newswire -- New Orleans is being made safe from hurricanes / Susan Spaht -- New Orleans is not safe from hurricanes / Chris Francescani, Jim Avila, and Beth Tribolet -- New Orleans cannot be made safe from hurricanes / Sheila Grissett and Mark Schlefstein -- The Mississippi coast is recovering from Katrina but lacks media attention / Stan Tiner -- The Mississippi coast has not recovered from Katrina / Reilly Morse -- New Orleans must be rebuilt substantially / Mark Davis -- Mental health services have improved in New Orleans since Katrina / Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals -- Post-Katrina mental health services are still in crisis / Stephanie Smith -- Post-Katrina school reform has been successful in New Orleans / Rick Jervis -- Post-Katrina school reform has not been successful in New Orleans / Craig Chamberlain -- Post-Katrina school reform in New Orleans shows mixed results / Sarah Carr -- The Bush administration did not respond appropriately to Katrina / Becky Bohrer -- The Bush administration provided significant support to the Gulf Coast / Office of the White House Press Secretary -- Global warming will produce more Katrina-like storms / Joseph Romm -- Global warming may not produce more Katrina-like storms / Eric Berger.

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