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Is childhood becoming too sexualized?
Ferguson, Olivia.
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Farmington Hills, MI : Greenhaven Press, [2010]

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114 pages ; 24 cm.
The sexualization of girls is harmful / AboutKidsHealth -- Sexualization of girls teaches boys to be sexually violent / Rachel Bell -- The sexualization of children socializes boys to become sexual predators / Carol Platt Liebau, as told to Kathryn Jean Lopez -- American culture rewards girls for eroticism / Lawrence Downes -- The physical aggression encouraged in boys is a form of sexualization / Elizabeth Anne Wood -- Sexualization of children is not the problem it is reported to be / Kerry Howley -- Feminists are to blame for the sexualization of girls / Joseph A. D'Agostino -- Legislators need to do more to protect children from sexual exploitation / Mary Graw Leary -- Mothers should resist norms that lead to the sexualization of girls / Debra Curtis -- Fathers should not exploit their daughters' sexuality / Rebecca Traister -- The sexualization of teen celebrities is ethically questionable / Jack Marshall -- Corporate media sexualizes young girls / M. Gigi Durham, as told to Tana Ganeva -- Gay and lesbian children are coming out earlier / Benoit Denizet-Lewis -- Teens are not as sexually promiscuous as adults fear / Cathy Young.

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