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From papyrus to hypertext : toward the universal digital library
Vandendorpe, Christian.
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Du papyrus à l'hypertexte. English
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Urbana : University of Illinois Press, [2009]

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ix, 191 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
Introduction -- In the beginning was the ear -- Writing and the fixation of thought -- The power of the written sign -- Writing and orality -- Standards of readability -- Linearity and tabularity -- Toward the tabular text -- Meaning and effect -- Filters in reading -- Textuality : form and substance -- Textual connections -- Instances of utterance -- From Interactivity to the pseudo-text -- Varieties of hypertext -- Context and hypertext -- The limitations of lists -- Aporias of hyperfiction -- Reading images -- The writer and images -- The rise of the visual -- The period, the pause, and the emoticon -- Op. cit -- The reader: user or consumer of signs? -- Intensive and extensive reading, or the rights of the reader -- Metaphors for reading -- Representations of the book -- The role of the publisher -- The CD-ROM and nostalgia for the papyrus scroll -- Giving the reader control -- Text and interactivity -- Managing hyperlinks -- I click, therefore I read -- The end of the Page? -- On the fragment -- The body of the text -- The decline of the novel -- The rise of the blog -- A culture of participation and sharing -- Toward the universal digital library.
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