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Hen's teeth and horse's toes
Gould, Stephen Jay.
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New York : Norton, 1994.

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413 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
Sensible oddities: Big fish, little fish -- Nonmoral nature -- Guano ring -- Quick lives and quirky changes -- Personalities: Three geologists: Titular Bishop of Titiopolis -- Hutton's purpose -- Stinkstones of Oeningen -- Three biologists: Agassiz in the Galapagos -- Worm for a century, and all seasons -- Hearing for Vavilov -- Adaptation and development: Hyena myths and realities -- Kingdoms without wheels -- What happens to bodies if genes act for themselves? -- Hen's teeth and horses' toes -- Helpful monsters -- Teilhard and Piltdown: Piltdown conspiracy -- Reply to critics -- Our natural place -- Science and politics: Evolution as fact and theory -- Visit to Dayton -- Moon, Mann and Otto -- Science and Jewish immigration -- Politics of census -- Extinction: Phyletic size decrease in Hershey bars -- Belt of an asteroid -- Chance riches -- O grave, where is thy victory? --Zebra trilogy: What, if anything, is a zebra? -- How the zebra gets its stripes -- Quaggas, coiled oysters and flimsy facts.
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