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Haugen, David M., 1969-
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Detroit : Greenhaven Press, [2009]

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290 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
Presents a series of essays with varying viewpoints on the subject of education in the United States. Includes a list of organizations to contact.
Why consider opposing viewpoints? -- Introduction -- What is the state of education in America? -- Chapter preface -- Public education is failing / Public education is not failing / Standardized testing has negatively impacted public schools / Standardized testing is a useful tool within public schools / Ignoring the mandates of Brown v. Board of Education will harm public schools / Moving beyond the mandates of Brown v. Board of Education will improve public schools / Periodical bibliography -- Are alternatives to public education viable? -- Chapter preface -- Privatizing education would be beneficial / Privatizing education would be harmful / Tuition vouchers are a good alternative to failing public education / Tuition vouchers are not a good alternative to current public education / Single-sex schools can improve education / Single-sex schools will not improve education / Periodical bibliography --

Should religious and moral values be taught as part of public education? -- Chapter preface -- Character education should be part of the American school system / Character education is the wrong way to teach values / Critiques of Darwinian evolution should be taught in science classes / Intelligent design should not be taught in science classes / Religion has no place in a liberal arts education except as an object of study / Christian liberal arts education provides a moral education / Periodical bibliography -- How should the education system be improved? -- Chapter preface -- "No Child Left Behind" is working and should be reauthorized / "No Child Left Behind" has failed and should be abandoned / Competitive teacher compensation would improve education / Teacher compensation based on performance will not improve education / Charter schools improve education / Decentralized school districts improve public education / Periodical bibliography -- For further discussio -- Organizations to contact -- Bibliography of books -- Index.

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